Annette: You know I think the awesome thing about the way we live is that for so many years we had no idea that we were living
different from all the people around us. Steve: Well, they’ve got ham. They’ve got Pier 51 for $5.49 a pound. Annette: We had everything we wanted we were happy we were content and it wasn’t until we
started (publishing our printed newsletter in 2003) and that we realized we were so
different. Steve: The truth is our country and our world right now is experiencing the
downside of people living beyond their means. That means defaulted mortgages
families that are disrupted because of financial problems and we want to help
people stop that cycle. When you live within your means, when you live frugally, you’ve
got peace; you’ve got freedom; and you can pay your bills. And that is an incredibly
important aspect to our life. Annette: We have five kids; we pay cash for our cars; we
take debt-free vacations; we put our kids through school (college) with no loans; we spend three hundred and fifty dollars a month for groceries; and we paid off our first
house in nine years on an average income of $35,000 a year. Steve: We have everything we want, and if there’s something that we need that we don’t have, there’s always a
way to get it and not pay retail. So one of our mantras is, “Never pay retail.” Do
your research, find the things you want and you’ll be incredibly more satisfied
than going in debt. Frugality gives you freedom. And that’s the message we want
to share with everybody is that you can have the things in life that you want,
but you don’t have to go in debt for them. Annette: Another one of our mantras is, ” Debt destroys but Frugality Frees!” That’s it, it’s really simple but America hasn’t gotten that yet.
Steve: We’ve gotten letters from people all over the world saying that the stuff
that we’ve written has really helped them save money, put money away for
family things and really improve their quality of life. We’re actually living
the American dream in a very Un-American way . . . Without debt. And we’re convinced
that anybody can do what we do and some can even do it better!