this his art pacs system creating a ticking time bomb or for that
matter isn’t promoting the equality in the united states peter ferrara is with us he is the trainee our general counsel for the e_c_ r_u_
you sure you dot org peterson receiving and author of the book america’s too keen bankruptcy bomb personal peter welcome at the program glad to be here either layout hear argument but the poetry and world we they are ok
work everybody can point com everybody’d that people well why would you want to
that well a lot of people to work and that
the other call left-wing socialist and they want that even a month lease uh… let b uh… name one uh… who’d bet
senator from vermont approach was for status is never suggested that
everybody should have the same income all of you who could then so in other
words i think that you’re making a straw man
argument peter ike after correction bitter a body in american support the poor a people’s income people well writes a
brick that and they’ll be in america’s recycled now that i was devastates tokyo
that the soyuz tried a but i just tried to find in a didn’t it didn’t work it what what happened happened your
position it that bad a big breakthrough in fact
you make the convention that there is nobody in america who
support the goal of equal income people well for everyone and that very good that we have a band
that at the core because that is a fundamental hard won the argument in my
pocket that that should not be able to cope with policies he never wants to go
back to being uh… nobody is ever suggested that event at i’m very happy close as we can fill
was thomas his book agrarian justice pectin seventeen ninety what eight i think he
wrote that uh… which has been suggested that
every child who is very hard to accept that equality every type of al gore
public policies because if the government the report the puppy
people in controlling corporal they would be no infinite anybody stating
that or cut off because if you if you worked
in a recurring more than the average person yes statement that employees will welcome the opportunity
and would take away from you but if you don’t think that that that
all you don’t want that all the government would be well in failing to
tell you that used to think that that would give you the think income orwell picking one out cell you should not work at all so that back
in under that policy about the cheating that goal they would be no work can be
no failed investment the only rational response for everybody would be party to drop so
there our country the fallout policy that’s equally stupid finish their north
korea in cuba for example and they get it back we know that will
that work there’s no stated ellen in north korea
you have very very rich people in very very poor people at the government
people who take the money back force people but either way below the
essays especially taking money from four-by-four simply because the people
don’t have any money is that they’re selling methamphetamine and and uh…
you know surf india little markets and a screen
government selling weapons to people like pakistani insect but that that’s got nothing to do with
any of this beat the i_d_f_ personal epic vulgarity care both of the pulpit
they wanted to let islamic agreed with me here larry can i let you finish the
thought let me finish one would you please help it bears out cheerleader recognition that the other private
capital it in a court hearing about black pink
thinning hair uh… virtue of socialism equal sharing
a bed ridden now but i don’t i don’t have that either but
he insists he replied might not be awarded reiterated that the company at that nobody had he had recently
because everyone agrees with the medicare dear let me finish a sentence
once in awhile the d_n_a_ here at the fights is
capitalism is monopoly is that it’s true is competition and that’s why it was a fair cannibalism
when it’s when you’re going to be one of her stride land eat ends up with
monopoly or not we can capitalism on the topic that reported by government law
otherwise is not just a little bit often occur fremont doesn’t matter how it
happens here that’s the inherent evolved capitalism whether it whether it
happens because the capital city after another theory if you if you are
starting to status issue and we all are up in that case fact effect here training of the ready
eddie has gone on the economy peter i’d put your whole dinner at the
novel is a coming about because of government policy is because government
has been blocked by monopolies and we should do there’s something about that now can you agree on that yet that would be american revolution
packet that monopoly diamond in capital back to great britain which we expect granted monopoly
critical path but not for sale that’s government intervention in the free
market can i have a monopolist free market the of the social and your starting
point and all this was that uh… you know how it goes on the last
few days left but once you have everybody have the
same income and i said no name one person you couldn’t how we’re going to go with your argument
will only you you crack me right now war ready we can park down toward with
compact politics port that role if you follow that that is part of the
quality well targeting creek poverty wipe it probably adding cuba in north
korea because there’s no incentive provided worker stated that and then that i had concluded article
bartley oregon we too far down that road analysts workers still probably
collected the entire that issue at the top one
percent of income earners heard already paid more at that link in
taxes than the bottom ninety five percent combine big papi yes because
they have more money indebtedness public holidays devastate in california the top
one person it would be prepared to get back to the
new jury inquiry republic percent paid forty six percent i think in fact
the new york the top one percent p forty want the federal compact and to war
region far down that road because why there’s no economic growth named why did
they were not getting any jobs in america because worry too far toward
that uh… that you quality ideal that fault dot which is uh… that killing
the economy with says port not to work out the state not to end
that near the top five percent of americans was forty three plus twenty nine seventy
two is not impact of impact what they told me that’s what you are what you
learn is state is beyond than seventy two percent of all wealth in the
night status get better political capital
back-to-back action well will contract that he will come okay so if we look at income what we see i can give you that the fire pit looking
better and that in nineteen fifty-nine status one percent p forty percent in
competitive and the top one percent earned twenty compartment of the will
come so the haircut that with the quite big
here of income philadelphia time a federal income taxes
on federal compact okay so let’s compare that will permit
packing let’s compare alternates ryan analyst look at that extreme but you still have a a million or texas
incomplete ears share of taxes cap here’s here’s the syrup and company but he’s not anyone the imperialism lessons here the topic one percent their share of income three point five
percent their share of taxes paid one point nine
percent the top five percent this year of wet
what effect that come from and what do what they what patrick you’re talking
about second himani but it is a share of all income earned
an all taxes paid by quintile and bend the ends this is this include
state and in federal taxes as well and sand and in your body well even even this that come from where this is a citizens for tax justice
compiled information is coming from the internal revenue service is our i_r_s_
user i_r_s_ tables that that that their cable gretel now expertise and so inevitably like
that there will be a program on it the protective but that prepared pan i gave you a picture that you give me
here if you can see that are pretty lucky to let’s let’s assume that your
numbers are absolutely true if you really think that is somebody
that that john paul’s making for trillion-dollar four billion dollars a
year is a good thing for america if people will be without anything on
the internet five or billion dollars a year erected by politics can be
corrected by complete volunteers but working with other
people’s money bike by paula carol even did nothing wrong with it and antic banknote pick uh… anarchy
itself so in in other words peter in your world there’s no there’s no such
thing as a small group of people getting too much
money so that the rest of americans don’t have enough know what i know in my will make the
point seeking a copycat this seeking adventure
as mother’s milk suffering depravation clock poverty that what are you going be i’m
definitely comes before a fourth the wealthy forty so let’s have let’s have
the working poor and the very rich enough individually no no no spell out what happened with uh… if i
were on the back people retired millionaire metastable
michael my complaint had achieved i think this and out of a public holiday
limited all the conflict physical fitness is to get every part of the vote
republican this at a li is serious