Thinking of filing for bankruptcy? Are you carrying a load of debt? But is bankruptcy right for you? We can
help you decide. Here at Mashney Law offices we help people
use bankruptcy to stop home foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, creditor
harassment, bank and wage garnishments. Need help finding the correct bankruptcy
option for your personal situation? Mashney Law offices represents clients in
both types of consumer bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13. And what about
the alternatives to bankruptcy? Is there a bankruptcy alternative that
better fits your needs? In some cases it is possible to
negotiate with the creditors to lower monthly payments or to accept
low lump-sum payments. In other cases bankruptcy protection
might help those who are unable to pay their bills. Have bankruptcy questions? Mashney Law Offices has the answers. The goal of bankruptcy is to get a fresh start by discharging your debt while keeping the property that you are
legally entitled to protect. Call us now for your free consultation
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