Her new movie, The Day Shall Come, is coming to theaters this Friday, September 27 And Anna Kendrick was out in full force to promote the comedy thriller as she was seen outside the AOL Build live interview series in New York Wednesday Kendrick, 34, was first spotted in a leather jacket and tights, later changing into a colorful mini dress and stilettos  For her first look, the Pitch Perfect star paired a white dress with a black leather jacket and black heels She added to the look with a pair of black tights and black sunglasses. The A Simple Favor actress wore her long red tresses down in styled curls with a middle part that framed her face  Kendrick accessorized with black hoop earrings and a small black purse. The Twilight actress was later spotted in a colorful sequined mini dress and red stilettos, swapping her black hoops for smaller silver ones  Her makeup looked primped to perfection with a purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick  Kendrick was attending a live interview at AOL Build to discuss her upcoming film, The Day Shall Come, with co-star Danielle Brooks   While there she also discussed her new HBO series Love Life, on which she is both an actor and an executive producer ‘It’s incredible just kind of knowing that people have to listen to me.”There are movie sets like this one where I’m allowed to go, “Chris this doesn’t make any sense!” And he actually listens to me and respects that, she said, continuing, ‘And then there are sets where it’s more like “Honey, grown-ups are talking, no ” So to just have that a seat at the table and to be involved in the creative process as early as possible has been really amazing ‘When asked why they chose to be part of the project, Brooks, 30, answered first saying she really liked the director, Chris Morris  ‘He seemed like a collaborator, and that’s important for me is not feeling like I’m just being told what to do as a puppet, being an actor, but somebody that really wants to bring this to life and create this character together worked for me,’ the Orange Is the New Black star said  ‘The script was kind of impenetrable,’ Kendrick added.  ‘No one wants to look like the dummy, but toward the end of the rehearsal period we were like “Did you have to read this script four times to follow what was going on?”‘ ‘It’s like a Russian novel but funny,’ she said.According to AOL Build’s website, The Day Shall Come is based on 100 true stories and is about an ‘impoverished preacher who brings hope to the Miami projects [who] is offered cash to save his family from eviction He has no idea his sponsor works for the FBI who plan to turn him into a criminal by fueling his madcap revolutionary dreams ‘