Hello noblemen, neo-feudalists and politicians! Your plans are not up to date. You want to enslave us even more. We should serve you as faithful subordinates,
human resources and financial slaves, because in your eyes we are only useless eaters. Our League of Friends of Man is threatened
by your irresponsible actions. For you who still sit at the levers of power
act in total self-interest. Because your fear of us is so overwhelming,
because you know what is in store for you, you are building bulwarks of total control. You do not listen to people and are blind
to the true events of our time. We are experiencing the lie of man-made climate
change, which is in fact your weather manipulation. The air we breathe and the water we drink
are contaminated and poisoned, extreme man-made weather events cause people and animals to
die. They die of hunger and thirst due to droughts
and floods. You irradiate the environment with digital
networks. You poison the environment with pesticides. You exploit the weakest, who have to vegetate
miserably because of your greed. You are running a mess with Mother Earth and
all her inhabitants. You pretend that we are to blame for this
misery. But you sit at the levers of the financial
system and power. It is you who are responsible for the whole
thing. Your greed seems insatiable. What will be your next business model? The alleged water shortage? You want to privatize water. We, the destitute, hopeful and promising,
stand together against you, the tyrants. We do not give up! Never! If the state is not able to protect its citizens,
at some point the citizens will want to protect themselves, even have to. We are anonymous. We could forgive after the appropriate punishment
But we will never forget! Expect it! Anonymous Translated from German