the sable conditions that prevent
gainful employment of when financial if you receive disability
benefits and are still falling behind financial
may consider how filing for bankruptcy would affect your benefits the good news
is if you need your benefits to provide for yourself or any dependence you should be
able to keep them if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy your
monthly disability payments are usually protected if you have
received a lump sum payment you will need to prove that the
payment was part of your disability benefits otherwise it could be taken if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy you
may need to take action to avoid indirectly losing your benefits
disability benefits are sometimes spectrum into chapter 13 bankruptcy with
payment plans discipline pans should be based only a disposable income and in many
cases disband the benefits are not considered disposable income at
the lofts a millage good we provide advice on all aspects of social security
disability benefit law if you or anyone you know needs more
information about how filing bankruptcy could impact
disability benefits call our office today for our case review