I talk about over welfare lot on the
show when I also talk to about private prisons visa where these two stories
collide arm so the private prison industry is in a little bit hurt now the
president’s deferred action for childhood arrivals program protect
nearly half a million dream children from going to jail on the flicker of hope on the whole idea
about possibly getting comprehensive immigration reform and the fact that we’re now there’s a
call for staying the deportation and be all those when you add that to
the fact that we’ve heard from Eric Holder and barely spoke so we need to
fix are mandatory minimums I we need sorted
and this quote-unquote war on drugs in the private prisons are in a world of
hurt now let me put this in the play for you private prisons lobby actively lobby Congress and state
legislatures and you know elected judges in to put more
people in jail and the whole and to will call who make
our community safer which really means line their pockets with money all above the good news here oh the good
news here is that they’re winning the bad news here is that that’s not
necessarily the case now within the State of California it
was the freemen court ruling that BC will the California Supreme Court ruled on the matter what stream court and
basically with the ruling said in a nutshell is cruel unusual their current prison system and the reason that that
princess to miss school unusual citing the courses because up the fact
that their health care system prison health care system is just deplorable in deplorable in California pretty
please one prisoner a week dies because they
cannot cause a prison overcrowded ness on and because they can’t get
access in to you you know the medical care they
need including one comic awaited so long for his back home in treatment I
just exploded it is crazy it’s cruel and unusual
punishment its you know exactly what our founders and the who what are causes
were adamantly against in so because of that they have been
told that the decrease our prison population by 44,000 within two years on or an order for you know governor
brown shame on him for him to do this what
they plan to do is by the end of the year they’re gonna
transfer ten thousand prisoners in so does the public princes into
private prisons all across the country hey in for the transfer and in pay these private pay that
prisons in the I of up to 730 million dollars over the next two years
heating up seventy percent of the state’s reserve
funds now this is money that could go so and I’ve said it before on the
PowerShell in I’ll say it again we know we have a
prison problem in this country so why are we trying to my mom always
used to say this prevention is better than cure and so in
order to keep governor brown order to cure his prison
over prison populations gonna ship them out to private prisons in line these
corporations that tons and tons and tons of money well let’s work on prevention and how to
work on prevention is by in giving the 730 million dollars
to fund education that’s how we fix this problem Erica
where welcome