Congoleum is another manufacturer of asbestos products they made floor tile and linoleum flooring that contained asbestos.
It would have been probably primarily installed by carpenters and folks in
the construction industry could be installed in some folks homes whenever
we talk to folks and they remember Congoleum we’d like to know the address of
the location if they get in their own home you know it’s really important for
us to try to determine what building or location or address it was used in
because that’s kind of one of the requirements for the bankruptcy trust.
This congoleum is actually a bankruptcy bankrupt company that has established a
trust so we try to file claims with those if the client remembers
installing congoleum, but they would need to know the location that they get in the timeframe in which they made that installation. Typically, congoleum would’ve been used maybe in commercial buildings or residential
buildings not necessarily, not very much use for in an industrial setting
because it was you know more of a decorative top thing a lot of times people had it
installed in their bathrooms in their kitchens, but they would have to cut that it would be you know, cut and installed that way, so, typically with congoleum
you need a whole lot of exposure or a lot of time, that would almost need to
be your primary training for the most part with congoleum to really qualify. Congoleum it would actually be a product and really their exposure, your exposure with congoleum comes from cutting it and removing it or altering
it when you install it and you’re going to glue it down so the asbestosis was
inside the tile that they were putting down. They would get from
cutting or scraping, typically even the removing of it would be how the asbestos will be released.