Eagle-Picher is another asbestos
manufacturer that is filed bankruptcy. They have a pre-aproved site
lists and what that means is they have identified locations in which their
products were used on a regular basis through either purchase orders or
discovery and lawsuits that have happened in the past so, they manufactured primarily
a couple of different high temperature cements, One of the ones that we seem to
have a lot of folks remember is a super 66 insulating cement, that typically
seems to be the one that a lot of our clients have remembered over the years, they
also made a hollow insulating cement as well. I had folks tell me that they could
use that for a high temperature use or a low temperature and that’s the reason they
would buy it, if they were in an area where it may be really hot at times and
then they still need the concrete or the cement to maintain its use that can
also be used at a really low temperature.