GAF or Ruberoid is another manufacturer
or a company that has filed asbestos bankruptcy or has filed bankruptcy as a
result of asbestos cases. They’ve established some pre approved sites and
what that means is that if you remember working out of your level and worked at
that gives us the opportunity or the potential to file a claim on your
behalf if we can match up your work history and the years you worked there
with the use of the products at that facility. They manufactured a lot of
different type products, they manufactured some furnace cements, insulation
products, roofing cement. Furnace cement and castable are mixes that will
be mixed with cement or water and cement to produce heat resistant areas.
These companies also produced or mined raw asbestos from mines in Vermont, so,
sometimes we’ve had folks who’ve been able to identify raw asbestos fiber that
would come in from the Vermont in or the mine in Vermont to the facility
will be distributed to manufacturers of products that would have contained
asbestos. Not only did they manufactured asbestos containing products, they also
sold raw asbestos products to other manufacturers to use in their
production of asbestos products. One of the other products that they made was a
millboard or a row board that would be used in construction of the facilities
and plants with with the millboard in the construction of houses a lot of
times it’s like a blackboard kind of fiber, blackboard a lot of folks remember being used around fireplaces, or some houses
they would actually black in the house with the fiber or the millboard and
then they also, this company also made cement asbestos siding or siding the
lot of folks probably remember on their house that they’ve probably over the years
had to fix it when the kids or the grandkids broke or chipped off a piece and
would have to replace it or maybe even remove
and install something new, but this company manufactured several different
products like that, that would have been used. They also made roofing shingles and roofing felts so, a lot of their products may be remembered by folks who
were roofers or in the construction industry that remember the
use of these products.