Another name or a company that folks
remember is a Pittsburgh Corning they made a product called “Unibestos” it
was a block and pipe insulation that would have been used on steam lines,
boilers, furnaces, keeplose in powerhouses, refineries, even some
refrigeration facilities. Large refrigeration facilities have used
Unibestos block insulation as a way to insulate the cool to keep the heat out and
keep the cool in so, it would have been a preformed pipe covering. They have filed
bankruptcy and as happens with a lot of bankruptcy trust they have what’s called
a pre approved site list or, a list where they admit their products or were installed
and placed. What we can do with a pre-approved list is if a client remembers
working at a facility or didn’t work a facility that is pre-approved then we
have the ability to file a claim with that trust on the behalf of our client,
and we can one time recover some money for them based on the the pre-approved site where
they worked.