Raybestos is a company that’s filed
bankruptcy, they have been a manufacturer of automotive parts, whether be a clutch
and brakes, whether for drum or disk they also made a gasket material that would’ve been used in the automotive industry they also used or manufactured a rope and some
undercarriage or underlayment insulation some radiator insulation to be used in
anywhere the automotive where you have friction or heat, they made products. We typically
have had quite a few folks who remember using Raybestos Manhattan products or
Raymark Industry products which are these you know brake shoes and so what we’ve
typically done in the past we’ve been able to file claims in the bankruptcy trust on behalf
of our clients who remember those products. One of the things that we always ask them
to do if they’re able to, is to tell us the roughly the years, and the
manufacturer, like the year the making model of the automotive vehicle, or
car truck, or what I mean that they remember using these products on, because
it kind of helps us as we prepare to file the claim we may need to get them
to sign an affidavit, verifying that information to the best of their
knowledge being true and accurate. So, that’s one of the things that we
really like to make sure we do is if our clients have that knowledge that we’re able
to get it, and put into a format that we can keep, and use to help in their case.