They made several products, one of them
that a lot of people remember is a durable and joint compound, they also
remember or manufactured a product, it was a anti-sweat pipe covering. A lot of
times the pipe covering that one manufacturer made versus another may
have just a little bit of a difference it was just a marketing way for a
company to market their products so, some somebody’s pipe covering may be the exact
same other that it may add a little something to it to make it where they
can claim it’s anti sweat or add some nuance to it to make it just enough
different to sell it to a different industry or something like that, but USG
made a couple different products. They also made some plaster that
would have contained asbestos and patching plaster or finishing plaster
that would have made asbestos, so we always ask folks if you remember doing
any work at any facility, and would have used plaster, or joint compound, please
let us know if you remember, if you do the address that you did it would, if you
can remember the time frame that you use that product.