So let’s talk about the differences between
our services and hiring a debt relief attorney vs. bankruptcy and hiring a bankruptcy attorney.
The first big cost to consider is the cost of attorney’s fees. Our costs or our attorney’s
fees are generally less than those of a bankruptcy attorney and in addition to that bankruptcy
attorneys typically want their fees all upfront whereas we split our fees up over several
months to make it affordable to hire us. The second big cost to consider is the impact
to your credit score; many people know that bankruptcy completely destroys your credit
score whereas the result that we can achieve will not only increase your credit score but
in many cases erases the account from your credit report as if you never had the account
at all. The third cost to consider is the impact on your employment. Many employers
won’t hire you if you have a bankruptcy, others will lose their jobs potentially with a bankruptcy.
The outcome that we achieve for our clients has no impact on your employment whatsoever
– if anything it clears your credit report so that you are more attractive to potential
employers. I’m attorney Chuck Douglas we will help you fight back and win.