More and more flights, more and more
Passengers, more and more routes. Also 2019 goes the cheap boom
in the sky. What did you pay
for your ticket? Twenty-two euros?
– Yes, it is. 60 or 65. 20.
– 20? Daniel A�mann looks behind
the backdrops of flight operations. How to get
the dumping prices? How long can airlines
the cheap tickets? If I’m going to be 20,
maybe 30 euros, fly, I’m even calculating myself
for an airline? An airline
earns under 40 euros nothing. What is lazy
on the bargain prices? Where are we this year?
the biggest cost traps? The size used to be standard. Now you pay extra for it.
How about that? – Stupid. They know exactly
where they can get the money. How did
the aviation market has changed? Who are the winners?
Who’s the loser? What does that mean
for the low-cost passengers? There aren’t enough customers,
the airline says we’ll be gone for a while? You could say that. Subtitles: WDR mediagroup Ltd.
on behalf of the WDR The aviation market
doubles every 15 years. A booming business
for the airlines. The cheap airlines.
are feeling cheaper and cheaper, but more and more targets are approaching. What’s behind all this? Why are the winners always
higher, the tickets cheaper and cheaper and the performance around it
more and more expensive? We’ll find out. Every 3rd flight in Germany
is now a cheap flight. The low-cost segment
is still growing. At peak times start in Germany
around 6,800 budget airlines per week. 35% more than in the previous year. About 20 airlines
fight in Germany with discount prices around customers. Alone the 4 biggest have a market share
of a total of almost 90%. Largest low cost airline
in Germany is Eurowings. The Lufthansat daughter dominates
almost half the market. Number two: Ryanair,
with a market share of 18.8%. Third place:
easyJet with 16.2% of all starts. And by far in fourth place:
Wizz Air with 4%. A development
continues into 2019. The low-cost airlines are going with a
steadily growing route network to catch customers. A total of 926 routes
they have become part of the program. A good 15% more than in 2018. Striking: The providers are going on the
competition from individual routes. Only on every 10th route. there is direct competition
the no-frills carrier. Most new routes
has Ryanair in the program. At the Cheap Giant are within one year
more than 60 routes have been added. All new on the flight plan: Aqaba. You probably don’t know it.
I didn’t know him before. Small town in Jordan. But the no-frills carrier
will be flying there from now on. If you look around here,
the hall is quite full. A lot of people want to go there.
How come? Does the supply determine the demand?
or the demand the supply? From Cologne/Bonn 2 times per week
4:45 a.m. to Aqaba. Who is a small town for?
an attractive destination in Jordan? Shortly before the departure Daniel hears himself
A�mann at the passengers. What brings you to Aqaba? I just got
finished my high school diploma. Yesterday, I had my last
I’ve written my Abitur. Congratulations. I’m sorry. – Then I thought,
I’m going on a trip. It was the cheapest destination. It was the cheapest target. Why Aqaba? Yeah, well, Ryanair’s going to Aqaba. We’ll land in Aqaba and then we’ll go
and continue in the direction of Amman. We will be in Aqaba
picked up by the family. Can’t you just
to Amman? Yes, but it’s cheaper. So it’s secondary,
where the journey leads. The main thing is cheap, that pulls. That’s why the cheap price
an important factor for the planning of the route network. low-cost airlines
do not offer transfer connections. The planes
don’t wait for each other. They only fly a few types of planes. The ticket price
includes only the flight. Every service on the ground
and on board costs extra. Besides, there’s usually
only one booking class. What did you pay
for your ticket? Twenty-two euros?
– Yes, it is. 22? But only there? Or back?
– Just go. But back also 22. That’s 22 euros each.
– But only hand luggage. We brought a lot of luggage.
I think it’s 130 euros. One way to Aqaba.
– Once, yes. What did you pay for the ticket? 60 or 65. We did, I think,
120 or so paid, for 2 people. 20.
– 20? – 20 euros. There and back? 20 Euro to Aqaba and then fly
I go to Bucharest, visit friends. For how much Euro
then Bucharest? 20.
– Another 20. Soon almost for 100 Euro
around the world, is there? Many passengers
have in addition to the pure flight I’ve booked another priority package. What do you get for Priority? That we would take our luggage
to take with you. To the plane?
– Mmm. And that we’d be the first
to get on the train. The flight’s already cheap anyway. If you pay 6 euros more,
is not bad. What we’ve seen today
apparently thought many passengers and stand despite the surcharge
in a giant snake. Priority, what used to be
Preferential treatment meant is no longer with Ryanair.
as a disdainful standard. Because Priority
doesn’t mean any more at Ryanair, that you can also
gets preferred service and e.g. without queue
I’ll let you get on the plane. The background: Whoever wants a small
I’ll take your suitcase into the cabin, must book the priority fare. However, only with a handbag
the fewest get by. You didn’t book Priority, did you?
– No. For me, it’s the way the plane
I’m not gonna take off until I’m in it. I don’t have to be the first. Doesn’t matter if I’m the first
or the last one. Because you have a seat anyway.
– Yes, it is. Priority is also even
in the cold, must wait. That’s 6 euros more.
– So you did everything right. In the Ryanair machines
currently have room for 189 people. This often means
189 different ticket prices. Typical for the entire industry. How do the price differences come about?
is it possible? Also this year
is the posting time one of the key factors. A study by the German Centre
for the aerospace industry, how much the prices vary 3 months for one booking
or a day before departure. With easyJet, you have to
pay about 35% more than a month before departure. It’s 80% more at Wizz Air. Most beat
the two big ones on it. At Eurowings you pay
more than three times. At Ryanair the ticket costs
the day before on average almost four times as much. last-minute bargain
is hardly ever to be found. If you book too late,
usually pays a mighty price. What rules of thumb
to save money is there? Airfare analyses have shown: The cheapest way is to book flights, if you go to the
online booking to the computer. Ideally on a Thursday. The most expensive booking is in December. The day of departure should be an
I’ll pick a day during the week. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
you fly the cheapest. Where would the price have been for you? where you said,
we’re not going with that anymore? I’m just flying cheap. Have you become more spoiled? Yeah, I guess so. Where would your border have been? That you said,
that would be too expensive for me? 30 euros. You’re a tough customer, though. Then I would have said,
I’m going somewhere else. Where it costs 20 euros.
– That’s it. But it’s an interesting way
of the vacation. You just look at it,
where is it most convenient, and where do I get to cheaply? And not really,
where do I have to go? That’s it. Actually, I want
see everything. In what order
doesn’t really matter. The ticket prices of the low-cost airlines
have increased compared to 2018. Between average
around 3% at Eurowings, up to more than 25% with Wizz Air. Among other things, higher oil prices are
and increased personnel costs the reasons for it. On the most popular routes,
e.g. to Mallorca, are the tickets
became cheaper on average. This is where the big competition keeps us
the prices in check. The competition
by the no-frills airlines does indeed
on the entire air market. Flying will generally be
cheaper and cheaper. Prices have fallen by 15.9%. That’s even though aviation gasoline
has become more expensive. Tickets for short distances
fell by 4.1%. For medium distances
even by 23.5%. Where do most people fly to?
Cheap airlines from Germany? 5th place:
Greece with 3.5% of all starts. Followed by Italy:
8.7% of departures. About every 10th flight.
is going to Great Britain. Third place. On place 2: Spain
with 18.5% of all starts. 1st place:
Germany with a good 28%. Cheap airlines can be
almost exclusively online. What tricks
are the airlines working on it? How do you get
the lowest price? Daniel A�mann would like to ask these questions
with Cord Schellenberg. One of the aviation experts
from Germany is approaching
to D�sseldorf Airport. 10 minutes late, though,
Good Mr. Schellenberg. With the Eurowings. Let’s see if he might be
too much about the price in the machine,
I’ll ask him. I want to know too, how do I get the most favorable
from A to B? I’m sure the man has a few tips. Hello. Good morning, sir. Hello, Mr. Schellenberg. Today, it’s probably more like asking, you had a cheap flight
instead of a good flight? More like an expensive one. – belatedness
so did you. What was the problem? That was turning around.
in Hamburg of the plane. It came in on time, but the classic “all out.
all back in” lasts. Cord Schellenberg is since more
than 20 years as an aviation consultant. The hamburger is considered to be a
of aviation experts. Daniel A�mann wants him more about the tricks
of the cheap airlines. If you know the mechanisms, you can also use the cheap fliers
save money. How can I do that when I book? Cord Schellenberg
it shows Daniel A�mann. Now we can go
I’d like to set an example. For the weekend trip to Milan
with the family. Do I have to pay attention to times? When is the best time to book? I would have
from all holidays. Where there are bridge days, where other people are free,
who usually work, prices go up,
as well as fair times. Not only fairs
influence the ticket price. Sports events, concerts,
Pope visits, natural disasters and the statistically
most popular travel times. You have to fly right then,
only helps to book as early as possible. I’d be classic,
2 adults, 2 children. You can do that,
but you don’t have to. Can we have a look later? Because you’re asking for four people,
the system. – I’m curious. I’d take the smart rate. Smart I would
with families. Then everyone has a suitcase. You want to go from friday to sunday
with four suitcases? Probably not. Tendency according to the basic tariff
and plan on taking your hand luggage with you, then we’ve saved a lot of money. That’s right, 23 euros.
– Per person. Packages, which include several
Additional services, is available from almost all airlines. An example:
Ryanair’s plus fare. It contains 20 kg of luggage,
seat reservation and priority boarding
including hand luggage. Such flat-rate packages
are usually only worth it, if you
all included extras required. Otherwise it is usually cheaper, Only the additional services required
individually. By the way, here the computers show
limited availability I wouldn’t go into that. That’s supposed to go with it,
that you’re making yourself uncomfortable, book faster
and not compare so much. I’d ignore that.
– Okay. (laughs) When displayed, that there are only 2 seats left
or the availability is limited, it only refers to
on the price class and not necessarily
the total load of the aircraft. We’re already at 647 euros. Maybe see what happens,
if you ask only one. So far we have
179 Euro per passenger. Zack, is the prize
cheaper. That’s gross. – How from
Magic hand, 20 Euro per person. One click
80 euros saved for the family. Here’s the recommendation, an adult and a child
at this price. – Yes, it is. Subsequently
the price will jump. The next adult
with the second child at the slightly more expensive price. On a flight like this.
20, 30 different tariff groups. For people,
that only fly to Milan. For people who fly on.
There’s all kinds. For this price group,
that we have here at our disposal, there’s only two places left. Doesn’t mean you don’t,
that the plane is full. Then a new group is created.
so that everything, that goes beyond two,
is more expensive. Then the computer is like this and says
all at the same price. That’s how he’s programmed. That’s why I only offer the higher
I’ll put it in the drawer, but then all four of them. The full price
you often don’t know until you’ve heard if all services such as
Seat reservation and luggage are selected. It’s worth it, this price once again with the
of the competition. For the profit
the low cost airline are additional income
has become more and more important. E.g. extra costs for luggage,
seat reservations and income from on-board sales. Example Ryanair: Last year, the airline
their “additional income.” by up to 26%. On average
every passenger at Ryanair gives about 17 Euro
for additional services. The Hungarian Low Cost Flight Company
Wizz Air even scored 40% of total turnover
with fees for additional services. If you don’t want to pay for it,
should answer one question in particular: Which trolley is the right one? Anyone with a too big or
to heavy suitcases as hand luggage to the airport, you have to go to the
Pay for check-in if possible. The problem: The regulations are
not the same for every airline. What is it in one society
is free, the other one costs extra. Inform beforehand and accurately
so it’s crucial to measure it. Daniel A�mann has therefore
an appointment at a specialty store. Hello, Mr. A�mann.
– Greetings. I have
I brought my sweetheart, packed for the weekend,
I’m going to Milan. That shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe it’s a little deep.
for some societies. When I look around you,
there’s a lot of possibilities. Here we are almost 25. Down here definitely. That’s why you’re very narrow here. The IATA dimension
is once 55, 40, 20. And on the other hand, it says 115 cm.
must not be exceeded. IATA dimension? This is a recommendation of the
air traffic association to airlines and passengers. According to this, hand luggage at most 55 cm high,
40 cm wide and 20 cm deep. Or in the sum of the dimensions
Do not exceed 115 cm. Weight is also
always a topic, does that fit? Would you like to measure?
– Yes, we can. I’m sure there’s some
Differences. – Yes, it is. 11,06. With which company
Are you flying? – With Eurowings. Let’s have a look.
– Yes, it is. Eurowings allows 8 kg,
you’d be over it. There I am with 3 kg… You have
I’ve had such a nice table. That’s a lot of
Airlines, means, that every airline
has her own rule, doesn’t she? In principle. And now it’s getting complicated: The maximum dimensions of hand luggage
with Lufthansa and Eurowings: 55 times 40 times 23, maximum 8 kg. Ryanair: 55 times 40 times 20, 10 kg. Hand luggage costs at Ryanair
now extra, at least 6 Euro. Wizz Air also demands since November
at least 5 Euro for hand luggage. The maximum:
55 times 40 times 23, 10 kg. With easyJet the trolley is
in the price still included: 56 times 45 times 25
and no maximum weight. So good packing is crucial, if you really
I want to fly cheap. Is there a secret recipe for that? Now you’re at the
small suitcases, you have to be good at packing. Men always pack their trunks,
tell me something: How do I pack my suitcase properly? It’s like you can’t
should take advantage of every inch and doesn’t have that many cavities. Rolling things is a measure. And when you have shoes, that you can do laundry or socks
and put them in your shoes. That makes sense.
– Good, good, good. Then I say thank you very much.
– I’d love to. You’ve given me
good one boiled today. And here is the magic formula
for hand luggage. Buy 55, 40, 20
and stay under 8 kg, then you can take the trolley
on every airline. Felt Baggage Madness
at German airports. How much carry-on baggage can I take?
on which airline? How much can that weigh?
what does it cost? Equipped with a baggage scale
and tape measure I ask people, if they know if they can
in the legal area. At Cologne/Bonn Airport
Daniel A�mann wants to know, the passengers look with so many different
Rules for hand luggage through the whole thing? You’ve both brought your hand luggage,
looks almost the same size. Did you think about that? how big may it be?
how hard can it be? No. We’re doing this on good luck. It’s all written here.
– You’ve got everything you need. Have you been at home
and remeasured it? Of course, weighed, everything.
With folding rule. I’m a frequent flyer,
I don’t need to measure that. Do you think that all airlines
have the same standard dimensions? Or are there differences? I’m not worried about that.
about it. – I think it’s the same. There are differences. But you’ve got to get
you know, don’t you? – Yes, it is. Is actually a mistake
from all the airlines. They’d have to standardize.
– Yes, it is. Did you get home
different suitcases? – No, I’m not. No, not yet. Now what about the suitcases? Do they correspond to the respective
Hand luggage regulations? Which trolley is too heavy?
and which one’s too big? We’ll weigh it out. Not that this is bad for you.
Surprise at check-in. That’s 300 grams too much.
What do we do now? We hope
on the Solidarity 300 grams. I’ll put it this way: If I were the
Officials, I’d make a fuss. You did? Then we squeeze a little. The airline might say,
I can’t do that. Then we’ll pack up right away.
and I’m gonna be over in a jiffy. With Ryanair
your suitcase wouldn’t fit. How much did you measure?
– 55, 40, 20. You’re over 24. It’s not
the right suitcase for the airline. I think it’ll be too deep. It’s always fitted so far.
– Yeah? Yeah. I’ve flown it five or six times. And no problems?
– No. The hour of truth
beats for most passengers when getting on the plane. Anyone who’s too tall or too heavy
I don’t want my hand luggage caught, must give up his trolley
and pay up. Often much more
than the normal cost of luggage. The size used to be standard. Now you pay extra for it. How about that?
– Stupid. Get the money in somewhere. So because the ticket is so cheap?
– Exactly. Are you an advocate?
that you say, the flight more expensive again,
that’s right up there with me. Yes, I think so.
Same for everyone. They know exactly
where they can get the money. Food on the plane
you don’t have to have. seat reservation
maybe not. Maybe legroom,
if you need it. But luggage is a must. It’s definitely annoying,
they lure with other prices. And how much does too big cost?
or too heavy hand luggage extra? For Eurowings at least 15 Euro. Depends on the route. But only if you’ve been
via the website. Anyone who works at the switch or gate with
with the wrong hand luggage, must pay at least 30 Euro on top. Ryanair requires at least 25 Euro
per piece of luggage and flight. For additional payment at the airport
are due at least 40 Euro. With easyJet, checked baggage costs
at least 7,90 Euro. Who spontaneously give up at the airport
must pay at least 47 euros. Wizz Air requires at least
15 to 44 Euro surcharge for a checked bag. At what extra cost do you have to
at check-in? Daniel A�mann
on the way to Milan, with Germany’s largest
Low-cost provider Eurowings. Do you already have a seat?
– Jo. I checked it in online. Is that the rule, that most
prepare everything online? Right here at Eurowings.
it’s very common. When I check in with you,
will it cost more? – No, I’m not. It’ll take about two seconds longer, but financially
there’s no difference. But be careful. With the low-cost competitors
it can get really expensive. Check with Ryanair, for example.
not before online, but at the switch, the airline will charge you
a full 55 euros. Who forgets,
to print the boarding pass at home, pays another 20 euros. At Wizz Air, for example.
costs a check-in at the airport 30 Euro extra per person. Now an exciting moment
for Daniel A�mann. His carry-on suitcase… Put it a little later. …is too big and too heavy. Is there a laptop in there?
– No. Then it’s actually too much. Hand luggage
is a little too heavy. If there’s no laptop in it.
not weigh more than 8 kg. – Okay. (laughs) I got a hair dryer in there. You’d have the chance, from the hand luggage still something
into the big suitcase, because you’re there
still have capacity available. Then I’ll pack something over. Still 1.5 too much. May you
make exceptions? We have a tolerance.
Absolutely. What’s it like? If there was a laptop in it,
it should be 10 kg. You could also tell me,
there’s a laptop in there. I can’t look inside. There’s actually a laptop in there.
– Okay. (laughs) Baggage fees
have been in the air for a long time to the second most important
a source of income, directly after the ticket sale. Who benefits
of this extra turnover? Only the airlines
or even the airports? Daniel A�mann wants to answer this question. in the baggage handling area of the
Cologne/Bonn airport. He has an appointment.
with Stefan D�mmer, one of the bosses
in conveyor technology. We’re working hard here. Can I try that? How’s it all going? With vacuum. The suction arm creates a vacuum, and the suitcases can be
can be loaded back-friendly. Hoppala. It’s heavy. Wow. He’s difficult again. This is a
very critical piece of luggage. I’ve got the grooves, and then I’ve got the grooves.
I can’t get a vacuum sucked. Now it fits. The plant has been running for 20 years. Acquisition value at that time
a good 13 million euros. Here, this is some nice luggage. This is what luggage has to look like. Luggage is always such a topic.
– Absolutely. As soon as I get excess baggage upstairs,
costs real money straight away. Who gets the money? The airline gets the money. We just put
the plant at your disposal and transport luggage
up to 40 kg. The rest decides
the airline. – Okay. (laughs) So it doesn’t matter to you, if we’re going to have more luggage
or less. – Yes, it is. For the airlines on the other hand
weight is crucial. The limits are therefore often
well under 40 kg per person. Because the heavier the plane, the higher the kerosene consumption and
and thus the costs for the airline. The ground service provider gets a ticket for the check-in.
always a fixed amount, self-sufficient
the number of suitcases. What I’m noticing is,
that the airlines are going to I don’t want you on the plane,
in the cabin. Are you there at the end
the sufferer? Down here, it’s hectic.
for the employees, the short reversal times
of the planes. They have to work very fast. Now you make
another mistake. Zack. That’s how it used to be.
– Not good for the back. 180 employees change here
in three-shift operation. The dispatch takes place around the clock,
every day of the year. For this service
the airlines pay. For a standard model
like the Boeing 737 costs the
“Ground handling service. in Cologne/Bonn about 600 Euro. For that there is then
except the luggage service also other services. e.g. water, electricity, pusher
or the stairs to the plane. That kind of thing happens. There’s a piece broken off here. Can’t help it, can it? You try,
to work with bumpers. But there’s
not a standardized piece of luggage. Thus each manufacturer has
his individual treats on it. That makes life hard for us.
Unfortunately, that’s what happens. In theory.
my suitcase completely delivered and it broke. Is the airline responsible? The Airline
must make good this damage. So I’m entitled to it too?
– Absolutely. I wasn’t aware of that. Good, good, good. What other rights does the passenger have? There’s money from the airline, when a flight
is at least 3 hours late. Or if you’re overbooked.
is not taken. The compensation are then dependent
the length of the flight route. Up to 1,500 km there is 250 Euro. Up to 3,500 km 400 Euro and above
600 damages. I’m wondering if I could have
I can suck anything off. But I’m actually
I’m just quite happy. Not only does the luggage cost
with the low-cost airlines extra. Also every service on board,
e.g. snacks and drinks. What about the two of them?
of the largest low-cost providers? What Daniel A�mann has in common
with Helen Winkel. Daniel A�mann with Eurowings,
Helen with Ryanair. On board the two of them film themselves
with your cell phone. Daniel takes off with Eurowings. Here’s the legroom,
I’m fine. I’m lucky,
that I’m a little smaller. The neighbor’s, it’s bigger,
that fits, too. Here I can
I’m gonna need to adjust my seat. I’m fine. What about Helen?
on the Ryanair plane? My seat’s relatively hard, and I’m afraid
couldn’t fake it either. Magazines and a network
Ryanair doesn’t have it. Passengers should be able to
leave little rubbish behind, to avoid expensive standing and cleaning times
for the airline to avoid. I just bought my drink.
and get my food. Can we open up for a second? In the smallest of spaces. A loaf of bread. And water. It’s not a culinary highlight. The sandwich cost 5,50 Euro
and the tea with it 3 Euro. It was edible, but I wouldn’t have
5,50 Euro paid elsewhere. How much it’s gonna cost, when you’re aboard the no-frills airlines.
Hunger and thirst? Eurowings requires for a coffee
in the airplane at present 2.50 euro. For one water 3 Euro
and for a sandwich 4,90 Euro. Ryanair is more expensive. Coffee and water
cost 3 Euro each. A sandwich is available from 5 Euro. With easyJet
the sandwich even costs 6 Euro. Coffee 3 Euro
and one water 2,60 Euro. Wizz Air is the cheapest. Coffee and water
each cost 2,50 Euro and a sandwich starts at 4 Euro. Cheap ticket prices stand horrendous costs
for all the extras across the hall. From hand luggage
all the way to the water on board. What is behind this strategy? Daniel A�man meets again
Aviation expert Cord Schellenberg. Now we got a new one.
I made a change of perspective. Now we’re behind the counter. Here we have the scales. That’s what it is,
what you’re always annoyed about, when you’re on your side. If you hang up here.
and you have excess baggage, it’s gonna be extremely expensive. On the other hand the ticket prices are
extremely cheap. Is that tactics? What’s the matter with you? The airlines have
started advertising the prize. The consumer has learned to look for
to look for the best price. People just watch the first few
messages on their search. They don’t look at the rest. If you’re not on top,
is out of the game. So they bundled that up and
says I have individual benefits, you can book them with it. I’m always guessing,
to have a look at the final price and the one with several
compare airlines. This strategy becomes clear, if you
compares the pure air fares. At Eurowings, you have to be One-Way
pay about 100 Euro. With the British airline easyJet
you pay about 54 euros. Wizz Air flies many destinations
in Eastern Europe, from NRW especially from Dortmund. Average ticket price:
a good 43 euros. A flight with Ryanair
costs an average of 38 euros. So, Ryanair and Wizz Air
comparatively cheap. First of all. Because here the ticket price includes
actually just the flight. With Eurowings and easyJet, on the other hand is e.g. the hand luggage
included in the ticket price. But at Ryanair and Wizz one more time
between 6 and 30 euros. This is how the flight
twice as expensive. If I could buy it for 10 euros,
20 Euro fly, and the best price
I’ll find out, I then calculate myself
for an airline at all? An airline earns money under
40 euros nothing per passenger. But the 40 euros are included.
Suitcase, including drink on board. And, these are important
Revenue streams, also bookings
via the website of an airline for a hotel or a rental car,
The airlines make a share of the profits. As a vision, that sounds like it to me, that the airlines
sold plane tickets in the past, but now
to become a travel agent, do you? More and more customers are looking for the
Flight booking process still further and book a hotel,
a rental car. Or another phone on site. The airlines make their share of the profits. In this respect, the total price is
per passenger more than just the pure flying experience,
that the customer books. Also cheap offerers it goes
ultimately to make money. That’s why everyone’s trying to grow, albeit
in different areas. The cheap offshoot is to be achieved primarily through acquisitions
of small airlines. Ryanair wants to be the most important flight operator
line for business travelers. They pay more,
that increases the margin. That’s why Ryanair moves away.
from the regional airports to the large
Hub airports. There’s easyJet
present for a long time. The British want
with a denser flight plan more attractive for the lucrative
Become a business customer. And Wizz Air? The Hungarians want to get the best from all the airlines.
have the lowest costs. And so the cheapest
be able to offer ticket prices. The discount prices
of the cheap airlines are attracting more and more passengers. More than just under 32% of all
Passengers in Germany flying with a low-cost airline. That’s 7% more.
than the year before. Are the prices
at the expense of the environment? Or what are the prices? A comparison of what we consume,
if we stay home, that’s not meaningful. But we can look, which airlines
modern aircraft. We’ll know, that the low-costers are very strong
in new aircraft. New aircraft always means greater efficiency
and less fuel consumption. But how does the life cycle assessment look?
of an airplane? Bad compared to the car. Very bad,
compared to the railroad. Per person and kilometer
an aeroplane hits up to 3 times as much
greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxides. Only for fine dust emissions
it’s level with the car. The boom of low-cost airlines
has Cologne/Bonn to the seventh largest
German airport. Occupied in terms of low cost
the airport even ranked third. D�sseldorf is also a major
Cheap airlines have grown even further. More than 1,000 starts per week. No other German airport
has more low cost in the flight plan. But the biggest turnover in D�sseldorf
still comes from from business with
the classic airlines. They’re bringing in
more than 60% of the passengers. Quite different
the small airports in NRW. They’ll be almost exclusively
from the low-cost airlines. You won’t find Lufthansa here, nor British Airways.
or Air France. The Dortmund Airport has
specializing in no-frills airlines, which from here
for most of us to more unknown destinations. Conscious strategy? Or the last straw, to which one can
trying to cling, in the highly competitive aviation market. An airport like Dortmund
depends heavily on it, that no-frills airlines take off from here. The Dortmund flight schedule includes
38 different targets. Most of the passengers want
from here to Katowice, London and Munich. Most important airline here
is Wizz Air. The Hungarian Cheap Airline has turned Dortmund into a turnstile
for flights to Eastern Europe. What does this mean for the airport? And what about the passengers? This is what Daniel A�mann from
Udo Mager. Now we have a great
View of the departures. I see a lot of purple. We have a supplier,
that dominates here. A low-cost airline. Isn’t that for you
very risky, if you’re looking for a partner
to be so extreme? If he pulls his machines,
then stand there for now. If you look at the board,
then you see, that there are other logos as well. 5 to 7 airlines. That pleases me and I also pleases, that we’ve been working with Wizz Air
have a very strong partner. I want to see the company,
who’s complaining, because it has a major customer. Wizz Air is
for almost 2/3 of all passengers in Dortmund. Last year, the airline 10 new routes again
was put into operation. Can you from here in the near future
even cheaper? I wonder, what do you do for a living? Do you earn
mainly in gastronomy or actually on the planes,
that end up here. Both. Of course, we deserve
on every passenger, who arrives here and leaves. Every takeoff, every landing. We also generate revenues
in the non-aviation sector. This is the retail sector,
that’s the gastronomy. And that is also the subject of parking. Can you tell me
a classification? How much revenue
turn off the parking? How much revenue
are the landings off? How much revenue
is the essence of gastronomy? Percentage only. 65% Flight operations
and 35% other revenues. – Okay. (laughs) total power
24.8 million euros per year. But profitable
the airport doesn’t work. Loss last: almost 14 million euros, much more
than half of the turnover. To be in the black, the airport needs
urgently more air traffic. And more passengers. Are you an airport
contractually bound to do so, a certain capacity utilization for the
to the airlines? I know
I don’t think there’s such a deal. The reality is different. If there are not enough customers, says
the airline, we’re out of here. You could say that.
– Okay. (laughs) We did. Thank you. Thank you. What the Loss of an Airline
for an airport, this is shown in the example
M�nster/Osnabr�ck. After insolvency
the airline Germania is here
A quarter of the business broken down. From former 27 destinations
there’s only 11 left. Are you threatening any more bankruptcies? How profitable
are the airlines actually? Eurowings has last year
100 million profit. Wizz Air last saw
275 million. Also easyJet
is in the black: 500 million profit. Ryanair is the winning Croesus. Even though the low-cost airline
in the past year their profit forecast
to the bottom of the table. The company cited the following causes
overall low ticket prices, higher kerosene costs
and the strike last year. But extrapolated to the year
will be available at Ryanair another handsome profit
of about 1 billion euros. An end to the cheap boom
is not in sight in 2019 either. The low-cost carriers
want to grow further and therefore take
always new destinations into the program. According to forecasts
the ticket prices will be will rise again slightly in the future. Also, because with Germania
a competitor has dropped out. If you want to save money when booking, should mainly be based on the new
I have to respect the regulations for hand luggage. At Ryanair and Wizz Air
for every trolley, who’s supposed to be in the cabin,
pay extra. Caution is also
at the Extras, because these are often particularly expensive. Compare well
and book only the extras, that you actually need. Copyright WDR 2019