uh… it is a story of jumping grew
worse the c_e_o_ of merrill lynch until recently and that is of course because merrill
lynch was taken over by bank america because of their troubles and they will have more scenery trouble
through that without seven and two thousand eight uh… we’ll update on a storage up and
actually has just been fire from our bank of america uh… who bought merrill lynch out so we will all be there opposes fired is because of this sort uh… another prime reason he was fired
is because daggara america announce that meryl had seven and unexpected loss of one point seven ninety billion dollars in the fourth quarter it’s not exactly what i would call good
management now jumping was brought in towards the
end of two thousand seventy year two thousand eight because of poor management from earlier c and uh… they brought him inside this
is the guy was going to fix it uh… this guy who was the number two
man in goldman sachs under rule hank paulson will beat him up closes sectarian only that and out money include a bank of america to help them
in their purchase of merrill lynch funny how that works right so was the first
thing the job they did when you gave him into a village which was very trouble is what will you cut backs were have to
a fire some people we’re gonna have to or do some budget
cuts except that sent at belt-tightening asl because they already knew they were in
trouble in the the year two thousand what’s the second read it he remodeled his office to the two nd over one point two to
million dollars spent one million two hundred twenty
thousand dollars the remodel is office hearing that some of that would be over
specifics first he just have to have and famous man redo it including the guy who gets the
same guy who is of or bombers oval office that police
are n c you know how much he came back and that
designer for a career goal office wanted allison dot another time about all merrill lynch’s
offices amounting to other headquarters understood by job gains ceo’s office even two thousand also designer but this is top notch is is that
everybody on my god i think it will be over something that he gets worse from the bottom of
the new york city pay somebody that much money but i do for i have eyes only good
for you before what one percent of the price and
still be pretty good teachers he needed for guests you know
this come to the c_e_o_s of the above the issue is how much do they work for eighty seven thousand dollars people’s houses go for eighty seven
thousand for too frickin shares the list goes on and on you got the
report pairs of curtains for twenty eight thousand dollars ul one drug of forty seven thousand miles has
arrived local forty four thousand what do you say well this may be the
persian something on all the expense of their eighties i don’t know the two chairs very seven thousand
dollars uh… and then my favorite as it is that what they were going to a
more at como our legs for thirty five thousand dollars i don’t know what that means the commode
outlets we have a thirty five thousand dollars
for i’m not sure i spent thirty five
thousand dollars all year but i think i’ll spend that much his garbage here one thousand four hundred dollars for garbage day when we get a four-year dollar forty i think would advance arose from bed
bath and beyond all we did all should we don’t talk you know how much of that lauded by him and it’s fun four years ago so i thought about fifteen bucks each
calcite as outrageous my personal grief if you look for upstairs you know you put it in every state garbage fourteen hundred disregard this year meanwhile he’s any of those surveyed
subdivide and also care revving i get out of trouble yes yes assessor simply scheduled interested in
purchasing all this is an internship unbelievable man his sunglasses that plant his limo
driver he set out on those specific notes at
all now would you please work in new york city well we have cut back on the our privacy
sometimes they give out uh… money so for people who were
played in new york because from now that make sense to some degree but i
will say it is a little excessive they didn’t get promotion for peres uh… yeah on a taxi let alone if they
fit subway i’d get that some people are afraid to take the subway vitamin blues
are black and it’s right well i think if that is a lot less expensive so as we saw people they were going to
cut back on that a little bit he sped hundred and thirty thousand dollars on
his own limo drive including one hundred and twenty
thousand dollars of overtime day and eighteen thousand dollar bonus check in a drive-by lots of unhappy with a
development on bonus that is twice the amount of money
overall two hundred thirty thousand as regular c_e_o_s average c_e_o_s in new york stock felt like that numbers relatively you
know if it by how many of you make a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars well we’ll spend it on your limo driver and this guy got over two hundred thirty
first so initially the bank of america denied
it they were gonna accidents but uh… now given the tremendous
losses that merrill lynch is sovereign i’d even though he’s done it trouble job given that he has astro public money and new revelations about how we will
use the some of that money is office he has been absolutely thank god