Next I’m going to add some underlines to the
report specifically on the asset and liabilities and equity
because you want to highlight that these two balance I’m going to put a double underline underneath these two. It’s a little tricky
because its going to think that when you put in underline the format on this field is going to think it wants to go to each of those groups, but we just
want the double line on the two so we go in here and for the bottom we do your formula that says if my type is IN “assets” or IN liability and equity we wanna see the crDoubleLine else we want to see the crSingleLine. actually wanna do then and then here I wanna say else. Then
I’m gonna save and close say okay there you see it says asset here I will go back to format field. order and fix this change this changed to asset and that should work K there we go See it gives me the double and a single
and everywhere else and everywhere else, I’m just gonna put Let’s format the field one more time format border and then
at the top I’m going to do single line ok so you see a doouble line put a double line underneath my asset and liability and equity and those are the ones that match and I want to hilight that