Bald and Bankrupt AKA Benjamin Rich used to post extensively on Pick Up Artist forums like the famous Roosh V Forum under the usernames Vorkuta and the Ligurian. These two usernames were later changed by him to The Fantasist and PeruLover12 respectively before being deleted. Here the Fantasist talks about how he lived in India for four years, which Bald and Bankrupt did as well. And here’s a second post of The Fantasist
where he references going to india for four years beginning in 1994, when he was roughly 18. On a Bald and Bankrupt fan wiki pages there’s a photo of him in India in 1995 looking like he’s around twenty years old which matches the information from this post. The Fantasist talks about running a guest house there for four years. In one of his
first videos Bald and Bankrupt says that he stayed in India for four years and ‘ended up opening his own hotel’. Another big piece of evidence that Benjamin Rich (or Bald & Bankrupt) is The Fantasist is a retelling from The Fantasist of a story that happened in his mid 20s in the year 2000. In this post The Fantasist tells us of an incident where he and two buddies had what he calls consensual sex (although the third guy was sleeping) with a girl that later claimed they raped her. There’s a news article from the year 2001. It’s a very very obscure story and only one article about this is to be found on the entire internet. So this would have to be the biggest coincidence in the universe to have happened twice. The article reports that three people, among them the 26 year old Benjamin Rich Swift were cleared of rape in a case that fits The Fantasist’s story like a glove. . Even though the three were acquitted the judge states that the way they treated the girl
“was appalling”. And in The Fantasist’s own words he says that when when asked by the girl if he would have raped her if she hadn’t complied he says he replied yes and that he would have “set her on fire as well”. Keep in mind that Ben now is a
very large and imposing figure so in his physical peak he would have been even more intimidating to a young woman alone in a house with three strange men. He says he phoned his mother and the FIRST thing she said “DId you do it?!?” The Fantasist is bald. So is Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist writes that he’s 6 foot 3 in this post. The fantasist is Jewish. So is Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist live in or near Brighton. The Fantasist has an ex wife of Slavic descent who lives in the south of France. So does Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist has a young daughter from this ex marriage. So does Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist has had a long term relationship with a younger Belarusian girl. So does Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist speaks decent Russian and broken Hindi. So does Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist intended to visit every Former Soviet Union country. So does Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist wanted to write a book and have it published on Amazon. So did Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist wanted to find a way to make money on the Internet that would allow him to travel. So did Bald and Bankrupt. The Fantasist is a devoted gym goer. So is Bald and Bankrupt. Other forum members discuss the Bald and Bankrupt and The Ligurian connection here. Bald and Bankrupt changed this username in an attempt to evade detection. When he was posting he did so under Vorkuta and then later on as The Ligurian. Before trying to wipe
his profile he changed both names. Vorkuta became The Fantasist and the Ligurian became PeruLover12. The age, the personality, the trips to (in Ben’s words) “shit hole places”
in Eastern Europe the dates, the connections between Bald and Bankrupt & Harald Baldr and their forum aliases The Fantasist AKA Vorkuta and James Rodri…everything fits. There’s so much evidence, I think this checks out. What an interesting character the guy is..