This video is sponsored by Ben’s defamation
complaint on my channel. He got one video blocked already so enjoy
while you can. In today’s bedtime story, we hear the heart
warming tale of how Ben’s father ripped off a woman for her entire life savings. And left her completely destitute, broke and
on the verge of suicide. Please Enjoy. Ben writes:
“I remember one incident when I was young. We had just returned from living in Holland
for a few years. My father met this woman in the pub and started
banging her, really charmed her with bullshit. Anyway she let it slip that she had £15000
in the bank. My father saw an angle and sold her a line
that was seemingly impossible to believe: He told her that he’d left Holland and returned
to England because there were hit men after him because of a business deal gone bad and
the only way he could call them off was to pay them £17000. ( This was early 80’s, when that was a lot
of money ). If he never paid them the money he’d either be killed or he’d have to leave
her and the UK. She’d only known him for two weeks but she
said “I know. Why don’t I give you the money, and then we
can set up home together”. What a great idea he said as though the thought
had never crossed his mind and so she gave it to him in cash! Silly woman. He spent the money in a few weeks on beer
and women and she never heard from him again but she knew he’d conned her. The reason I remember it all is because he
received a writ to appear in court a few months later. She’d gone to a lawyer. But she’d made a terrible mistake though,
she thought his name was David Smith whereas his surname was a word sounding like Smith
but not Smith. So when he got the writ he ignored it since
it wasn’t his name. She now could not afford to go through the
procedure of paying the lawyers again and to write out a writ in his real name. He got away with it. Stupid fucking woman though. A) To believe the hit man bullshit and B) To lend a man seventeen grand without even
knowing his surname. In the end he took my mum to the cleaners
too when he finally left and when he recently left his LTR and moved to Indonesia he took
her to the cleaners through a mixture of intimidation and threats. The guy is insanely alpha and totally amoral
with no regards for anyone but himself. Seems that those are attractive qualities
to women”. The woman is probably dead now. After experiencing the double whammy of shame
from being betrayed by someone she thought she loved. Coupled with financial destitution. He destroyed a life. But what do you guys think. Did she deserve it for trusting another human
being. Was Ben’s father completely justified in
ruining her life to obtain the bare necessities of beer and British hooker vagina. Or is this guy a bit of a wrong un. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments
below. Toodaloo ladies. See you in the next one.