I just landed
in Baltimore, Maryland,median income $71,000.I’m here to visit
with the Miller family.– Keep that card.
– I won the game?
– No, you won the hand.
– Oh.– My name is Luke Miller.– My name is Courtney Miller.– Courtney and I have been
married 14 years.
– The moment I saw him
and laid eyes on him, he was something that
I couldn’t take my eyes off.– We have four kids.
Jake is the oldest,
and then we have the triplets,
Holly, Luke, and Victoria.
– They are our life. – I love being the dad
of four kids.They make it all worthwhile.– We dedicate our life
to them and their needs. So remember,
clean up after yourself. – Courtney and I are almost
polar opposites.I tend to be
a lot more laid-back.
Courtney is the enginethat keeps everybody
in the family moving.
– Let’s go. – Sometimes it can be maddening. Breathing deeply. – Yoga has been part
of our life since about 2005.We opened up
a wellness center.
It changed my life.
I was able to help people.The first couple years,
the business did great,
and eventually, the economy
took a huge decline. – Toward the end,
it kind of fell apart. – We filed for bankruptcy.
That was devastating. Surrender in this pose.– Even though
we lost the business,
we’re both still
teaching yoga classes,
and now I work
in a corporate sales job. – I work as a professional
assistant on a part-time basis. – Since the bankruptcy,
we have very little, to anything, in savings. – Since you’re the numbers
man, take an average– – You have no clue
that you’re being patronizing. – I’m saying,
go to the first-year plan. Thank you. – I think our financial troubles
magnified any issues that we were having
in our relationship. – Don’t forget to take
your allergy medicine.– They’re all gonna
be going away to college
at the same time,
and that’s sort
of looming
in the headlights. – We’re at a crossroads
right now. We have a lot of decisions
that we need to make. In three months, we have to get
out of our rental because the landlord
is selling the property.– Right now we don’t really
have a plan.
I’m willing to do
whatever I need to do
to just get to where
it’s not such a struggle. – And getting help
before things get too late.