Hi, Today I am demonstrating on ARM Based
Bank Lockers Safety System using Digital Key Password with Door Access Facility. This project is developed to provide door
access facility for Bank Lockers. The main modules in this project are 4X4 Keypad,
ARM controller with LCD display and Door. This whole model will be there in bank. This model has 4X4 keypad for password entry
to open the locker. If the person is authorized then only the
door will open and if the person is unauthorized the door will not open. First the person has to enter the password in
order to open the door. The entered password information will be given
to ARM controller, then the ARM controller analyses the inputs and if the password is
correct then the ARM controller opens the door. If the password is wrong then the ARM
controller will not open the door. So from this project, the authorized person
can access his Bank locker. Advantages: • Only the authenticated person can recover money from locker. • Makes an activity safer and easier
• Time saving • Sophisticated security
• No manual errors. • Need not to carry any card. • Others cannot steel the user’s entry. Applications: • This project can be implemented in Homes,
Schools, Colleges, and Companies. • Wherever locker security is important
there we can implement this project. Hence by implementing this project we can achieve authorized person can access bank locker. Thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe to WizAps Channel.