Good day. Good day. How can I help you? Ähm, yes, äh, the machine seems to be broken, I wanted to withdraw money, but nothing comes out. Really? Then try it tomorrow once again. Bye. No, no, I need the money today and I would like to withdraw 200 Euro from you. Sure. Would you like it, if we first say 100. Who withdraw less money, spend less money. No, 200, how I said. With pleisure. If you want to get 50 Euro, you will get 50 Euro. Äh, no, not 50 Euro, I said 200. You know what: I left the amount open, because you are, as it looks, not sure yet. Do you still have all together? I would like to have 200 Euros. In words: Twohundred. Is that so hard to understand? Mr. Wildfeuer. I don´t know, how often do you watch the news, but you heared of the turbulences on the international financial markets, did you? Hm? So… Our financial department has taken many risks and we have…So not, that bigger problems would have arisen, but on the other site… What does that mean? Your bank is bankrupt? I want immediately my money! No, what means bankrupt, we aren´t bankrupt. I want immediately my 200 Euros. Wait, I know, what we do. Miss Birkner, could you come here, please? Yes. Could you go with Mr. Wildfeuer for an hour and be a little bit friendly, we owe him 200 Euro. Yes, sure. Mr. Wildfeuer, do we want to do it like this? Äh, ok. Bye. I´m glad. Beautiful you have it here. But you know, that soon it burns the air here? Why do you bring in such a day the wife and the child? I…It´s like that:… Come on. Say it to him. My wife and my son are with me today, because…because today is my wish sunday.