Steve voice over: We’ve taken a brief daycation to Japan. It’s beautiful there. Locals treated us like gods. They kept shouting, “Busaiku.” In English this means, ‘samurai spirit’ and in many ways I did feel much like I was Busaiku. We visited Japan in an attempt to look at our situation from the outside; to discover new possibilities about the world and spirituality. However, only one person from our group managed to discover anything. Cib was being chased by a Mountain Hawk Eagle. After mistaking his nose for a beak, the bird chased him upwards of three hours, attempting to mate. After the hawk had its way with Cib, we settled down in a small temple to collect ourselves and our thoughts. Now that we had almost the whole group in a quiet setting to reflect, it was time to ask the hard-hitting questions. Oh, absolutely not. I don’t understand a single word of that. I think something in Cib’s brain is just tying this back to 2013, when he was living in a forest. He hasn’t told me much about it, but I think he had problems with birds there, too. I remember when kids used to do this in school and each one I hated more than the last. That answer could be good enough for some people, but not me. I know that some day I would figure out the answer to how Parker came back, and until then, I was going to make sure to go to church every Sunday. To hedge my bets. Turns out I’d have to put the paranormal problem on the back burner anyway for a threat I didn’t even expect: Bankruptcy. Normally, I don’t answer calls from Farid. He beats around the bush too much. He also opens up by saying, “Steve,” as if it would be anyone else on the line. How does someone break into the Rooster Teeth facility and steal every bit of merch that we have, and only us? And why us? Cow Chop has cooler merch than us! And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. I could have sworn that I’d heard breathing coming from the ceiling recently. I didn’t think much of it at first, but I certainly would have never guessed that our landlord was hiding up there. I would’ve never gotten that impression. I looked Eddie up online to see if he actually did have merch he was selling, and, it’s true. He sells barbecue cologne for $34.99. Oh, I almost forgot. He also sells rat pelts. Not a chance would anyone at this company be willing to work with our landlord. Not a chance in the world. If only a series of coins was enough. Eddie wanted to double our rent. That, combined with our merch being stolen, puts us about, if I were to add it all up, all the numbers together, I would say it equates to somewhere around the lines of us all being bankrupt. After everybody went home, I stayed around for a little bit to see if there was any way I could make this business work. TRACK: On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz *your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice-message system*