considering a bankruptcy attorney in Antioch CA this video will
give you basic information about the process the relief it offers and how to
find the legal help you may need thank you for watching this video on
bankruptcy basics this video will explain what bankruptcy is and what
happens in a bankruptcy case this information is provided to help
consumers individuals like you understand the bankruptcy costs at
people are having trouble paying their debt sometimes consider bankruptcy as a
remedy for this situation bankruptcy is a legal process by which
you can deal with your debts when you can no longer pay them by filing
bankruptcy not individuals find that they’re able to get most if not all
bills discharge meaning wiped out most if not all of their property and your
get extra time to pay bills if you have a regular income and individual called a
debtor usually files bankruptcy to obtain a discharge which will wipe out
all or most of his or her debt said they will not have to be paid unmarried
person may file alone or with the person’s spouse once the bankruptcy
begins creditors cannot try to collect debts from the bankruptcy debtor or sue
the gesture to obtain a judgment