Hi, I’m bankruptcy attorney Robert Peters,
and we’re gonna talk about debt you can discharge in bankruptcy. I think
most people know that you can get rid of credit card debt for instance, in a
chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also other unsecured debt personal loans, lines of
credit, some things that people don’t think about are medical debt. You know
all medical debt is unsecured and should be dischargable except under maybe
some extreme circumstances but generally dischargable. The other thing that’s I found… I was meeting with a lady the other day and she as an aside she almost said, “well you know it’s probably not relevant but I have some IRS debt” Well, I said, tell me more tell me more. She said well it’s 4-5 years old and had it from when I was married to my husband… you know, I said you know I bet we can get that discharged. Let’s look at it
a bit closer and we did it was for personal tax debt not business debt. It was more than three years old…there are some other rules but she was thrilled to hear that
she might be able to get rid of it. So keep in mind that more categories
of debt can be discharged than you might think. I need to talk to someone that
knows the drill. Give us a call 904-421-6906 I’d be glad to talk to you about your
debt and your financial problem. Go to our website http://www.restartyourlifejax.com/ There’s great information there.
Remember going nothing, changes nothing.