Susan K. Duke: At Duke Law Firm our practice
is focused in bankruptcy and family law. We provide representation for chapter 7 and 13
bankruptcies and also offer assistance with divorce and child custody matters. [GRAPHIC: Susan K. Duke, Esq., Owner] The filing of a bankruptcy can be very stressful.
We wanna make sure that when we go to court that process is easy on the clients and that
they’re on the road to financial freedom as quickly as possible. We aim to resolve family
law cases with as little conflict as possible. When an agreement cannot be reached then sometimes
it’s necessary to proceed in court and when that happens we represent our clients vigorously
to protect their rights. We are thorough in our preparation. We have over 18 years experience
and we’re responsive to our clients’ questions. At Duke Law Firm we offer a free consultation
so you can meet with us, get your questions answered and see if we’re the right fit for
you. Call or e-mail us now to schedule your free consultation. [GRAPHIC: Duke Law Firm, P.C.,
585-346-3220, 3407 Rochester Road, Lakeville, NY 14480]