bankruptcy, Canada new events 2019 There have been two recent bankruptcy Canada new events that I believe are important to discuss. One deals with the insolvency of oil and gas companies The other with the rights of retired people and their company pensions and health benefits. under former employer goes into insolvency proceedings bankruptcy, Canada red water Fallout I’ve previously written about the Supreme Court decision in the red water energy corporation matter. On January 31 2019 the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision. Supreme Court reverse to Alberta Lower Court decisions. It is now the law of the land. Prior to lenders or creditors getting any type of recovery, the receiver or trustee will need to invest the funds from the sale of assets. on the environmental remediation Trident exploration Corp natural gas producer Trident ceased operations on April Thirty As of the time of writing this blog I am not aware that they are either in receivership. or were filing for bankruptcy Trident exploration staff and contractors have been terminated. It further reported that it was unable to see that a successful restructuring could be accomplished in a timely fashion. Consequently, they have decided to walk away leaving greater than 3,600 sites. the number of some active without an operator on April 30th Trident 4 drawer without replying to regulators The director ceased operations terminated at staff and contractors. the second issue is a bit of retiree pension and health benefits rank-and-file members of the United steelworkers from across Canada run Parliament Hill to consult with Members of parliament as a result of high-profile cases such as the Sears bankruptcy. This is why they met for them peas and Senators. They want to focus on a collection of recent bills that have not Advanced through the house. It will be interesting to see. Is the conservative party makes it an election issue? Is your company not have enough cash to do not receive all the payments you were expecting. It’s the time we offer sound advice and a solid plan for starting over. Starting now so that you’ll be well on your way, please visit our website. Telephone details are coming right up now.