ATTORNEY 1: The Law Offices of David Tilem
is a specialty bankruptcy law firm. We help people in the Los Angeles community and Pasadena
and Glendale areas in particular. But we help them not only with their debt problems but
also trying to collect debts from other people. We handle all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings,
from consumer work, including reorganizations, and even bankruptcy appellate work. ATTORNEY 2: We are very much client focused
and oriented with a focus on economics and results for the client at the least possible
expense to them. ATTORNEY 3: Bankruptcy is a difficult choice
to make. And it has a lasting effect on your credit and on your family. A bankruptcy attorney
who can help you make the right choices and help you be comfortable with that choice is
very important. And the Law Offices of David Tilem can provide that. ATTORNEY 2: For those of you who are in need
of bankruptcy services or civil litigation, call the Law Offices of David A. Tilem.