The following is an actual client of the Bankruptcy
Law Center When did you file for bankruptcy?
Around the beginning of 2010 when I found myself in financial dire straits from losing
my job. How was your experience using the Bankruptcy
Law Center? Much, much easier than I would’ve ever dreamed
it would have been. They really took care of business. Followed
it step by step and couldn’t be happier today. How has your life been since filing?
Outstanding. I bought a new home. Credit scores are higher than they’ve ever been.
My wife’s credit score was at 808 and mine was at 721.
Would you refer your family or friends to the Bankruptcy Law Center?
I already have, many times over and they are all just as happy. Family and friends.
And I will continue to do so because of the help that they give us.
If you’re suffering debts ranging from credit cards to foreclosures, repossessions or taxes,
then you need to call the Bankruptcy Law Center at 1-800-718-9688.
Or go to GetOutOf That’s the Bankruptcy Law Center at 1-800-718-9688.
Again, that’s 1-800-718-9688. Or go to GetOutOf