Hi, I’m Robert Beucler. I’m a certified
bankruptcy specialist with the law firm of Lerner and Rowe Law Group. I’ve helped thousands and thousands and thousands of debtors get through the bankruptcy
process, and I can help you. A debtor may represent him or herself in filing a
bankruptcy petition. It is not recommended, and it is a highly dangerous proposition. A great deal of what we do for our debtors is called pre-bankruptcy
planning wherein we analyze assets and liabilities, and we may end up converting
the form of an asset from a non-exempt asset into an exempt asset prior to the
filing of the bankruptcy petition. This is one of the most important things that
we do for our debtors. The timing of filing a bankruptcy
petition is something that we, as attorneys, look at very closely. The need
to file a bankruptcy arises when you realize that you are not getting
anywhere in the repayment of your general unsecured debt, such as credit
cards, with a credit card bearing interest at twenty-three percent or nineteen percent. Those minimum payments that you are making is simply money that’s being
thrown away. If you’re not making any progress on those kinds of debts, then I
would suggest you contact our offices immediately. Please contact me for your
free initial consultation. At that time, you and I will sit down and go through
all of your options. It may be a chapter seven, or it may be a chapter thirteen. But we will
thoroughly discuss your situation, and we will work out a plan that will work for you.