another trap that everyone has to be
concerned with in bankruptcy is dealing with the
pre-existing judgment and the good news is that that is
discharged in bankruptcy however any lien resulting from the judgment
remains in force now the first question his what is on me you know that he is very simple the legal right to take property from you in order to satisfy a pre-existing death so in bankruptcy even though the debt itself is
automatically chop discharge the creditors still has the right i’m natalie to obtain property and all property is leaned simply by
recording the judgment and virtually all of judgments are reported so if you had a judgment you can
virtually be assured that it’s been reported any judgment lien exists now the good news is building can be easily removed or as we say in bankruptcy forwarded basically the file a big motion to avoid traditionally setting out the legal criteria in virtually every time the court will
enter an order avoiding the judicial lien the end result being there that both the debt is discharged and the lien is from the public record