So you’ve filed a bankruptcy and your case
is now discharged and you’re wondering, can I buy a house after bankruptcy? I’m Andy Foreman.
I’m a consumer bankruptcy lawyer and I can help you. Many Americans have the misconception
that you’re not going to be able to buy a house after bankruptcy. That’s a myth. There’s
actually rules and regulations that provide two years from the date of your bankruptcy
discharge, you’re illegible for FHA financing. Any mortgage is a complicated process and
you’ll need to talk to professionals who can guide you through that process. But the rules
and regulations for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association provide that bankruptcy
does not preclude a home mortgage two years from the date of your discharge. Those rules
also provide that you’re going to have to qualify for that mortgage with employment,
with down payment, with credit worthiness. But you will not be precluded from getting
a house just because you did a bankruptcy. You do need to make sure that your credit
is strong and that it’s correct. And again, I’m Andy Foreman and you can buy a house after
bankruptcy. Good luck.