Well, you want to know, “Can I file a bankruptcy
for free?” You need to file. You need the relief that bankruptcy can provide, but you’re
not able to pay for it. My name is Andy Forman, and I’m a bankruptcy lawyer. I can give you
advice in this area. You are able to file a bankruptcy for free. The forms that need
to be filled out are available online from the bankruptcy court in your district. There’s
also a procedure in the bankruptcy code that allows insolvent debtors to ask the court
for permission to waive the filing fee. It’s called ‘informer pauperis’. And it’s basically
meaning you’re insolvent and you’re about a hundred and fifty percent below the poverty
line. I don’t advise filing a bankruptcy without seeking legal and competent advice, it often
costs more to fix a bankruptcy than it does to file it in the first place. Bankruptcy
is a complicated statutory scheme involving both state and federal law, and I think you’d
be well advised to seek legal advice and retain a lawyer. It will be well worth the outcome
to do so. Again, my name is Andy Forman, good luck.