You’ve heard the term, jurisdiction, and you’re
wondering, What is the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court? My name is Andy Forman.
I’m a Business and Consumer Bankruptcy lawyer, in Tampa, Florida. The jurisdiction of the
bankruptcy court, is very, very large. The bankruptcy court has the authority or jurisdiction,
to force the return of property, such as a fraudulent conveyance, to sanction parties,
who failed to comply with its orders, and it has the ability to go beyond state borders,
to enforce the spirit and order, of the bankruptcy court. Jurisdiction is sometimes given to
the district courts, which are related to the federal bankruptcy courts, depending on
the nature of the matter. There are matters that are known as core matters, which essentially
involve, the fundamentals of the bankruptcy code, and their are non-core matters, that
involve going outside the main body of the bankruptcy case, to affect the spirit and
purpose, of the bankruptcy code, and that particular bankruptcy case. It’s a very complicated
area, and a competent bankruptcy lawyer can explain in greater detail, the jurisdiction
of the bankruptcy court. My name is Andy Forman. Good luck.