Well, you’re considering filing for bankruptcy
relief and you’ve seen the signs on the telephone poles that say they can erase bankruptcy from
your credit report. My name is Andy Forman. I’m a business and consumer bankruptcy lawyer
in Tampa, Florida, and I deal with these issues day in and day out. And the bad news is, the
signs are a misconception. They are a lie. Because the fair credit reporting act, the
federal statute which governs credit reporting provides for what can get on and what gets
off your credit report, there are two sections to the credit report. And the fair credit
reporting act provides that your trade creditors are going to list your bankruptcy on their
trade items. They’re also, on the official record section of the report, going to have
the date of your bankruptcy, the case number, the amount of liabilities, and the date of
your discharge. Anybody who wants to charge you a fee to remove a bankruptcy from your
credit report is involved in probably illegal activity. They’re certainly involved in a
misleading event, because bankruptcy cannot be removed from your credit report. Your efforts
are best spent rebuilding your credit from an accurate credit report. My name is Andy
Forman. Good luck rebuilding your credit.