Well, you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy,
and you ask yourself, Well, how do I file bankruptcy? My name is Andy Forman. I’m a
Consumer and Bankruptcy Business lawyer, in Tampa, Florida, and I help people all the
time, file bankruptcy. The first thing you need to do, is find a competent professional
to assist you. If you had a toothache, you wouldn’t drill it yourself, so why would you
try and experiment on a bankruptcy, unless you have legal experience? so the first thing
you want to do, is find somebody who can guide you through this complicated statutory scheme,
of filing bankruptcy. The second thing that you want to do, after you’ve met with this
lawyer, is to gather information. You need the names and addresses of all your creditors.
If you have lawsuits or foreclosures, you need to be able to provide that information,
to your counsel, so he can advise you, on what needs to be put in your bankruptcy. You’ll
also need to gather a list of all your personal property, your accounts receivable, and your
assets. The code requires that you provide information regarding your earnings, your
tax returns, bank accounts, and the like. There’s a lot of work involved in gathering
this information, but your professional bankruptcy lawyer will help you gather it together, and
put it in the form that it’s supposed to be. My name is Andy Forman. Good luck with your