Well, you’re considering filing bankruptcy
and you’re asking yourself “How do I file bankruptcy as an individual debtor?” My name’s
Andy Forman. I’m a business and consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa, Florida, and I help people
file individual bankruptcies. In order to file an individual bankruptcy, you’re well
advised to hire a professional bankruptcy lawyer, somebody who knows the ins and outs
of the bankruptcy code and has considerable experience in that regard. You’ll need to
gather information for that lawyer; the names and addresses of your creditors. A list of
your assets. Copies of your tax returns, copies of your pay check stubs. You’ll need to disclose
a lot of information such that your bankruptcy lawyer can put that information in your paperwork.
It’s called the Petition and Schedules. And those schedules will reflect your assets,
both personal and real property. Your income, your expenses, the names and addresses of
your creditors. Your liabilities, and some information about your financial history.
Once that information is assembled, your bankruptcy lawyer will file those papers with the court,
and he’ll guide you through the process. You’ll go to a creditor’s meeting thirty days after
your case if filed, and you’ll be examined by a trustee. The answers to the questions
are not mysterious, they’re all found in your paperwork. You’ll get through this process
if you cooperate and help your bankruptcy lawyer help you. My name’s Andy Forman. Good
luck with your bankruptcy.