Well, you’re considering filing for bankruptcy,
and you’re wondering, “after my bankruptcy, how do I get it off my credit report?” My
name is Andy Forman and I’m a Business Bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa, Florida, and I help people
repair their credit after bankruptcy. I know you’ve seen the signs on the telephone poles
that says “You can get your credit fixed after bankruptcy by getting the bankruptcy removed
from your credit report.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Bankruptcy shows up
on your credit report because it’s supposed to. It’ll show up on the trade items where
your creditors are telling whoever is looking at your credit report, that you filed for
bankruptcy. The bankruptcy information will also show up on the official records portion
of your credit report. It’ll contain the filing date, the dollar amount of the liabilities,
the case number, the date of the discharge, and perhaps the name of your attorney. Anybody
who wants to charge you a fee to remove bankruptcy from your credit report is being less than
candid and upfront with you. It’s probably a scam because the Fair Credit Reporting Act
provides that it’s supposed to stay on your consumer credit report for ten years from
the date of filing. You want to talk to a professional about cleaning your credit up
after bankruptcy and don’t pay for something that you can’t acquire. My name is Andy Forman.
Good luck fixing your bankruptcy, fixing your credit after bankruptcy.