Well you filed chapter 13 bankruptcy and that
old clunk of a car went caput on you. My name is Andy Forman and I’m a Consumer Bankruptcy
Lawyer in Tampa, Florida and I help people with apter 13 bankruptcies. During the course
of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy there are limitations on what you can do financially. The code provides
that you are not allowed to incur new secure debts such as a car payment or a mortgage
without the trustee’s permission. Chapter 13 will contact a Chapter 13 trustee and ask
them for permission to buy a car. Those requests are routinely granted provided that you are
not buying some exotic expensive sports car. Chapter 13 looks at your disposable income
and the trustee is not going to allow you to get an $800 car payment when you are struggling
to repay your creditors. If the trustee is not inclined to give you permission that is
not the end of the story. You have the ability to go to your lawyer or if you are a pro say
debtor to file a motion with the court and you are given an opportunity to address the
Judge and explain to the Judge why you selected the vehicle you want such as a truck for work
and the Judge ultimately will have the final say on whether or not you can by that car
during your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. My name is Andy Forman. Good luck with your Chapter