Well, you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy,
and you’re thinking to yourself, What are the tricks of bankruptcy? My name is Andy
Forman, and I’m a Consumer and Business Bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa, Florida, and I’ve been lead
counsel in over 3400 cases, and I’ll tell you, there aren’t really tricks to bankruptcy.
Anything you could think of that’s a trick, I assure you the Office of the U.S. Trustee,
and your Chapter 7 Trustee, know all about anything you can dream, or conjure up. There
are no tricks, but here are some good tips. Do your homework. Research the information.
Provide your lawyer with all the information you have. Don’t keep secrets from him. You’re
only hurting yourself. If your lawyer knows what the truth is, he can guide you, he can
advise you, he can help you. Bankruptcy is very simple and unlike a lot of areas of law,
where there’s a lot left to chance, bankruptcy is one of the most predictable areas of the
law, because you put the same thing in, I can tell you what you’re going to get on the
outside. If you mislead the court, you’re going to have a problem.If you get caught
lying under oath, you’re going to have a problem. Not only will you lose your bankruptcy discharge,
you may lose your liberty. Be straight up and straight forward, and cooperate with your
lawyer. I’m Andy Forman. Good luck with your bankruptcy.