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trial for free you’ll be hearing news a lot lately edta page breaks a feedback talked that that they
had received two hundred fifty billion dollars in the return of two hundred fifty billion
dollars mission accomplished artwork and the bank’s records complete that letter nonsense first of all let me begin to tell you how they could pay
despair one of the things report by the new york times
is that uh… they had to use a small business lending fund to pay us back okay experiments or the smallest lighting plan is supposed to
be for the banks lend out to small businesses makes that’s right and it is money that comes from the federal
government echoes the banks you know the banks of the it use that money paid back the federal government the sense that they have to go back to our money it’s crazy but the crazy right now it’s considered perfectly
normal obviously we did they don’t like that with the money that we get the at and by the way the second collateral damage
of that this is a small businesses don’t get that
money that they don’t get a higher people for local
jobs local businesses spoke he said job man he cannot be totally admitted acting assistant
secretary to nancy beside him and said oh yes absolutely we take that they want to get
them and that is back with a congratulated there’s no one else lifts or any of that this file i can emphasize how crazy that it’s
all right now when you break down the numbers by the way the hopeful talk bilkul bhi bahut so they say well the banks at two fifty two
hundred thirty billion they did about but the reality is they don’t tell you about by
the way up into uh… insures the borrowers auto companies
et cetera that was or more than seventy five billion dollars of top right now why is that
matt because the funnel money from the insurers
like energy through the banks and that money they at not it back you know how much they owe that money a hundred and eighty-seven billion dollars so as they tell you that get the money back i’d how we just got a firm and she and they didn’t
even a shopping money around but the bottom line is right now the accident at least low-carb alone is over a hundred at eighty seven billion
dollars a don’t believe the hot okay but the debates or sunday agent american taxpayers stuck with aaji freddie
mac and fannie mae well i paid my money back antigovernment totally lets them get away
with the congressional budget office have forecast that eventually windows insurers
et cetera paid the money back that we want lost at least nineteen billion dollars lost ninety billion dollars ordinary appropriate there’s no way we lose at having to pay back
a hundred eighty seven billion dollars energy problems at a computer configures the whole things that joke on austrian the
taxpayer but it gets worse aware and uh… activities that women have thinks that all these toxic mortgages if that’s not what they’re books what do you
not to try to profit to pay some of the money back to us well the by avoiding one billion dollars worth of toxic mortgages for
the federal reserve i can’t emphasize enough man what a joke that
is they got dumped it worst trillion dollars
worth of investments aunts eventually it’s going to be the taxpayer
that pays for that group of that interesting sites to be a small business loans
retest with that and they get money for me i g et cetera back-door
bail outs and they don’t take that back and then be declared mission accomplished we’ve been had we been school they or robbing us aline while our government encourages it edit
lots of collectors say about that ads of fantastic fro rose petals that might be
some of the money got paid back bulky useful sinking in a camp the interest rates the facts habitat less than a one percent so the banks derek it what these kids starts
formal st uh… society two thousand seven they get the money for so much less now if
you get money at nearly zero percent interest rate you can’t help but me money somebody’s giving them free money and
they did they basically saying don’t gamble with it do whatever you like you keep the profits anything still really
does not exist that’s reasonable yet they’re already doing
it you should know for example that nine out of every ten homes in this country more reason this country hormones are guaranteed by the taxpayers well i mean look back at it what okay means we’re on the hog for all of these home
off from ninety percent of them sold something goes wrong weekend blasted you and i think for bob and susan smith street
level the banks in the states that something that the serbs shit shoplifting log data like explore other taxpayers along
the banks will pay that’s because the pulpit republican politicians
are totally totally bought one hundred percent bought and uh… it dear they had been put
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