Ryle is readable almost more than anyone else. I would almost defy anyone to tell me that they didn’t find Ryle easy to read. But there’s almost a subtlety in the simplicity of Ryle, because he’s teaching you profound truths with the simplicity of his prose. People sometimes say, ‘You need to understand something really well in order to explain it simply.’ That is true of Ryle, isn’t it? I think he would probably be almost the epitome of that, of someone who has dug down deeply, in order that he might express things simply. One of the marks of his speaking and writing is simplicity. I think more and more over the years, that is something that we need to learn in our preaching You know how Spurgeon said, ‘The Lord said, “feed my sheep, not my giraffes”.’ I think for young preachers, especially young preachers who have been to the better theological colleges or seminaries, Ryle is really both a model, and in this particular little piece, an instructor on what it means actually to be simple and straightforward.