I applied to become a student trustee to
give back to the board that I have been a part of for my whole life up until now.
A way to give my opinion, to give my point of view as a student and to learn
about the whole process. How talents our students are I would say. There’s always something new going on at a school, whether it’s a workshop in the math or
science or we get to see a performance in the board office. And it just shows
how many of the teachers in the LKDSB don’t just teach the curriculum, they
also teach life skills that these students can take with them in the
future. I think the student trustee position is really incredible for the board because it’s not just a series of decisions being made in a closed
office. Now students get the chance to approach their representatives and say
their opinions on matters that affect them. And then they get a voice at the
board which is really incredible today. It just allows you to share your ideas.
It allows you to increase your leadership skills, working with other
students, adults, other members of the board, parents. It gives you a lot of life
experience and opportunities to think outside the box