>>There’s another promise that is deeply
important to me. And I know it is deeply important to you. We are going to put our coal miners back to
work. Wrong, that is not what happened. In fact, more coal miners have lost their
jobs under Donald Trump’s watch. And one example of that, we covered it earlier
on this show, is Blackjewel. This is a coal mining company that recently
went bankrupt, leaving its workers unpaid. And so as a result, these coal miners are
protesting because they want their pay. They did the job, they deserve the pay. And just to give you an idea, they have yet
to pay over $4.5 million in back pay to their workers, okay? Now, with that said, they’re protesting, and
one of the ways that they’re doing it is by blocking a train track, which sounds very
dangerous. But hopefully, they’re staying safe while
they’re making a point about how they deserve to get paid for the work that they’ve done. And something really nice that Bernie Sanders
did, he sent them some pizza. So local news reporter Sydney Boles posted
that photo of Pizza Hut boxes. The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential
candidate called the local Pizza Hut Friday and sent a pie, or several pies as you can
see from that photo, to the miners for each day they’ve been blocking a train full of
over 1 million in coal from their former employer, Blackjewel, according to local NBC affiliate. So I love that he is paying attention and
he is trying to do something, anything to help. So a couple of important things here. So why are they blocking train tracks? Obviously, they’re owed $4.5 million. Not only were they fired, they said, we’re
not paying for the two weeks that you worked already. It’s an absolute outrage. They know that if they go to bankruptcy court,
rich people are gonna get paid first, they’re gonna get paid last. So they’re like, well, no, I want you to sell
this coal and pay us, and not your other creditors, cuz we know we’re gonna get screwed. We’re at the bottom of the totem pole, we
don’t have any power. So they’re trying to use whatever little power
that they have. Now, by the way, truckers have started showing
up to back up the coal miners. I love that. And Republicans, they’re protesters standing
in front of a vehicle. In the past, Republicans, including legislators
in the Dakotas, have said, you should be able to run over protesters in the way of vehicles. So I wonder if the Republicans are gonna be
in favor of running over coal miners. Are you kidding me? They’ll steam roll anyone, I mean, including
Republican protesters, which is why, look, I get that we’re very divided, we’re in a
very difficult time in America. But at the same time, I think it’s important
to protect constitutional rights regardless of what your political ideology is. Because if you think it’s okay for people
to run over left-wing protesters, you think they’re not gonna come for you? They’re gonna come for you. Yeah, now I wanna talk about two of the people
that are missing in action. So Bernie Sanders is with the coal miners. And Governor Matt Bevin, who I can’t stand,
a right-wing Republican, at least has enough common sense to say that he supports the coal
miners. Amy McGrath, running against Mitch McConnell,
has gone out there and supported the coal miners. Now if you’re running in Kentucky, all of
this makes sense, right? Mitch McConnell, hidden in his shell, doesn’t
give a damn about the coal miners. All that talk about the coal miners? No, it’s the coal mine owners that Mitch McConnell
cares about. Now that the miners are pitted against the
owners, which side is Mitch McConnell on? Of course, the owners. He never cared about the workers. He used you as a tool, a gag, a prop, while
he took money in campaign donations from the owners. So now, while other politicians who actually
care or are even savvy enough to pretend to care, McConnell is like, nope, my donors are
on the other side, run them over. Now, to be fair, he didn’t say run them over,
but he’s totally missing in action. Definitely, he’s abandoned them. I mean, not that he’s ever really fought for
them to begin with. Of course. But they’re always used as props by Republicans
when it suits them, when it’s convenient for them and when it can help them politically. Otherwise, they’re left high and dry, unpaid
for work that they’ve already done. School is about to start, these families need
to have the resources to send their kids to school. Yeah. It’s disgusting, what’s happening to them. Last person missing in action, of course,
Donald Trump. Now, think about it, guys. How easy is it for Trump, even if he doesn’t
mean it, to go down there, and if he stood on the tracks with the workers, it’d be a
giant political win for him. But he doesn’t care enough to do it. And remember, his donors are not the workers,
they’re the owners of the companies. So the easiest political lay up of all time,
and he won’t do it cuz he never cared about the workers. The Republicans, they never, look, progressives
run on higher wages, higher wages! It’s built into their platform that they care
about the workers. The Republicans, they talk about using you
as a talking point. But at the end of the day, they never have
your back. And the proof is right here, right in front
of you. If you’re interested in helping these coal
miners, a lot of them are in financial trouble because of what happened to them. There is a GoFundMe page set up for them. Just go to tinyurl.com/supportminers. tinyurl.com/supportminers. Now look, for example, real quick. West Virginia and Kentucky voted overwhelmingly
for Donald Trump. If a progressive wins, are we gonna do the
same thing Trump did, where he raised taxes on blue states, to punish people who voted
against him? Hell no, we’re gonna raise the wages of coal
miners. We’re gonna raise the wages in West Virginia
and Kentucky, cuz we actually care about all Americans. Because if you’re not wedded to the donors
and to the corporations, then what are you doing? You’re running to help Americans. And then the great thing about the Warrens
and the Sanders and the AOCs, etc., is, they don’t take any corporate PAC money. So they don’t have to work for the corporations,
they can actually care about the average American voter. It’s so easy if you just see what their actions