– Do you wanna know what
the best debt relief and debt settlement
companies have in common? Here are three things that
separate them from the rest. (lighthearted piano music) Before I answer, make sure you subscribe to our channel below, or click on the bell icon and that way, when we
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it, the first thing is that a debt settlement
or debt relief company will not charge an upfront fee, if they charge an upfront fee, they’re not the best debt relief or debt settlement company and what they’re doing is illegal, so make sure you report it. The second thing is you want
to go with a debt relief or debt settlement company
that has clear follow up and clear communication. You don’t want to go with a company that acts like they’re your best friend and then when you enroll, they ghost you. (phone ringing) Oh, hold on. Hey, what’s going on yeah? I’m looking for a debt relief company to settle my debts. Awesome, that’s so cool! Really? Your kid’s name
the same name as my kid? Well enroll me into the program! Hello? Hello? The third thing is reviews. You wanna go with a top debt relief or debt settlement company
that has positive reviews. It’s one thing to have a lot of reviews and four or five stars but look just below the comments and really get a good insight
on what the clients feel and how they are being treated, that’s gonna help you determine whether they are a top debt relief or debt settlement company. Thank you for watching, if you have found this video helpful, comment below with yes and if you haven’t, comment below with no and give us a question that you would like to see answered in one of future videos. If you would like more
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