Hi there. Take a quick second and meet
Dave. Dave’s a great guy with a wonderful family…
but lately, it seems the universe has kind of been conspiring against him,
attacking from all directions, creating chaos, and basically turning his life upside down.
Now Dave’s always been up to challenge but
he just doesn’t quite know what to do anymore. He’s so buried in stress and red tape he can’t
even see straight. He’s so busy juggling and dodging problems
that he can’t even be productive anymore, and frankly, his family’s security is in
jeopardy. Dave never intended be in this position. I mean, he’s certainly no deadbeat… Dave’s a good man, and he just wonders if anyone could ever understand his problems or how this all happened. He feels his situation is pretty unique and just isn’t sure if there’s really
someone who can help him. He’s got a thousand questions, and he just can’t afford to get this wrong. Fortunately, Dave came across Jory Trease. He heard that Jory had been helping
people and businesses in Utah with bankruptcy foreclosure repossessions and
debt negotiation for over 25 years… and that Jory was the go to
guy when other professionals got in over
their heads. He started to understand why Jory Trease is considered “THE bankruptcy
attorney” in Utah. and decided to learn more. Dave found out he could just call up the office and
schedule and appointment to talk with Jory and go over everything with no cost and no
obligation. As soon as they sat down together Dave
quickly saw that Jory Trease was not only incredibly
understanding, professional, and down to earth, but that he was
obviously a top notch expert in his field and
that he actually took great pleasure in cutting through all the red tape and helping people get back on their feet
again. Dave and his family are in a new place now, happily moving forward and pursuing their
dreams. And they’ve learned two secret words that they can use any
time a good friend or family member runs into some unexpected
snags… “Call Jory!” You should, too. Called Jory Trease @ (801) 596- 9400. Go ahead, give him a call now.