banks say thanks for the bailout this is this is pretty astonishing about the perfidy love Republican
lawmakers 47 traders the perfidy have Republican businesses
is pretty bad too and and arguably even worse they’re not
always entirely republican business three-day on a lot of democrats to
senator Sanders commissioned a report which found that the four big banks basically he well largest in this this is so and to
dock posted this over a Democratic Underground this morning I’m not sure if
this is a copy and paste from bernie’s website or
II to our weather small got dot com arm but any here’s here’s what it says
Citigroup got the most help before in the bailout two-and-a-half trillion dollars trillion dollars to come has a lease 427 offshore divisions were
squirrels away profits out of the reach the American people those funds as an early thirty 2014
total 43 billion dollars which would mean eleven
billion in tax revenue for the United States if they had deposited that money
in the United States Citigroup CEO Michael Corbett was a
rewarded with one and a half million in salary four-and-a-half million in bonuses and
eight million in stock this is how it always plays out the most
to their money in stock because as the lowest tax rate this used to be illegal before the
reagan administration bankamerica received a 1.3 trillion
dollar bailout from the american people in 2014 and billion in profits stashed offshore
which would bring 4.3 billion to the United States if they paid taxes in the
United States on their money we bring forth a half billion for
education infrastructure other badly-needed products CEO of Bank of America Brenda Brian
Moynihan made one and a half million in salary $13 million in bonuses eleven and a half
million in stock last year