RENATA KLEIN: Double Americano. All right. Double Americano… Would you like me
to leave room for milk? RENATA:
Americanos don’t have milk. Some people like milk
in their Americanos. It’s espresso and hot water. Do I need to come back there
and make it myself? No, no. It’s fine.
-BARISTA: Thank you. Oh. How are we today? How are “we”? -We… are wrought, Mary Louise.
-MARY LOUISE: Oh.Weare worried -about a wonderful mother…
-Hmm. …who’s being put through
an onerous, if not despicably cruel,
court procedure to, what? Get to be with her own kids?
We’re wrought. You’re a good friend to her. And Celeste is very, very lucky to have such a strong
support system. And I sometimes think that if she hadn’t tried
to take on so much alone, you know,
she wouldn’t have unraveled so. RENATA: She hasn’t unraveled. She’s a single mom
and a widow with two kids. She’s done a damn good job. That’s why
I encouraged a housekeeper. Or a nanny. She thinks nannies
are too much trouble. More trouble than they’re worth,
sometimes. -What did you just say?
-Just a mint tea. What did you just say? -A mint tea.
-This is exactly what you did the last time
you were at my house. Stay-at-home moms who make me
feel like I should be locked up? -You shouldn’t feel that way.
-What, for neglect? Because I have a fucking career? I have spent every day
of my goddamn life putting my family
and my child first. -So don’t go there.
-(MUTTERS) Don’t go there, judgy judger! Keep your eyes on your own
fucking paper, Mary Louise. MARY LOUISE: Put it in a bag. I’ll take it to her. ‘Cause we’re going to the same–