On behalf of the eight
generations of my family who have been
in this country, we’re going to put
a little fuel in your bus. Now, I’ve got the alumni over there
and this is a challenge to you alumni. This is my class, 2019.
[Cheering/Applause] And my family is making a grant
to eliminate their student loans. [Gasping/Cheering/Applause] Now, I know my class will make sure
they pay this forward and I want my class to look
at these alumnus, these beautiful Morehouse brothers,
and let’s make sure every class has the same opportunity
going forward. [Applause] Because we are enough to take
care of our own community. [Cheering] We are enough to ensure we have all
the opportunities of the American dream and we will show it to each other
through our actions and through our words
and through our deeds. So, class of 2019, may the sun
always shine upon you, may the wind always be
at your back and may god always hold you
in the cradle of her hands. Congratulations. [Cheering/applause]