Wow, it’s very shocking yet rewarding. I
worked so hard at Montgomery College to achieve the grades that I did and Montgomery College offered me this great opportunity academically. So the fact
that I took advantage of it, I feel very rewarded and very very honored. I’m very
excited, it’s a little bit unexpected this is the first
merit-based award that I’ve ever gotten I feel so honored that Montgomery College Board of Trustee
whose mission is encouraging students to strive for educational excellence chose
me. It’s encouraging and motivating to continue my hard work and continue my
education in the future. It’s really like a milestone for me because for me it is
like I’m representing the whole Rockville campus and that’s an honor. and I believe is not only for me because
to get here I get to work with all of my friends my fellow students, all of my professors
so it’s like all together like I like to say together is always better so it’s not
only me, it’s all of these people helping me out to get here. Originally I’m from Ethiopia, and I came here to live with my father, around July of 2013. I’m originally from Benin, a small country in West Africa and about coming to Montgomery College, besides acquiring an education and the nice commute for me i think is the diversity like, attending here, I’ve had a chance to meet wonderful people from all around the world. I have friends from
everywhere and I think that’s truly amazing. I’m actually from Montgomery County, I was born in New York but spent most of my life around here. I ended up finding
an employer that really encouraged me to return to school and help me find the
workforce development program. I graduated Plano senior high school in
2014, and my father is a professor of statistics and he was teaching at
University of Texas at Dallas so I applied there I got accepted I was ready
to go my father got a better offer at american
university so he moved the family to DC. I looked at my options in schools in the
area and Montgomery College I heard that so many different majors to explore.
In Montgomery College I find very fantastic professors, they help me a lot
through my education and also through Montgomery College I’m able to give back
to others, I served as a bilingual college tour guide and helped our
students during their first time at Montgomery College. I’d like to thank my
girlfriend my parents my brother behind the scenes I’m going to work on a daily
basis and they really kind of help keep me in line and there have been high and
low points and they’ve really been a solid foundation that I can rely on and
then with my previous employer capron company my colleagues my mentors really
kind of helped me grow and facilitated my growth. I want to thank each and every
family member most of all my parents. and also my cousin, Doctor Marcus.
They helped me a lot through my education. They gave me unconditional love and support. I would love to
think my father and my mother. They came here from the Soviet Union and I’m
first born American their dream was to get an education. Now they both have graduate
degrees so hopefully I can progress in my education. I would thank my sister. My older sisters are still in Benin
and they still support me, but one of my sister’s here and she supported my education.
I’d like to thank Mr. Lang Lindsay and Ms. Young for always being
there and the MBI program and always advising whatever I needed it. Professor
Bake for answering my FaceTime calls at 9:30 at night to answer my wiley plus
questions, Anne Schleicher for being the first person to help me at Montgomery
College and really set me on my path that I am today. I want to acknowledge
professors. They helped me a lot through my education. One
teacher in particular Mr. Cleveland Tyler who I had the pleasure of having
every year, he’s been very encouraging and great source of inspiration and he
likes to kind of teach outside of the box too, which i think really help with
the with the type of students in the the type of program that we’re in which is a
little bit atypical. I would like to thank Doctor Laufe, she helped me a lot, Miss Claudia Greer, my boss at the math/science center, Miss Carole Burbage, all of my professors Dr.Akmal, Dr. Benmouna, Dr. A, Dr. K, and the list goes on and on. I’m going to be re-enrolling in the fall I’d like to pursue the engineering
program here. Right now I’m in the service industry, but there’s sales there’s research
there’s design a lot of different avenues that I’d like to pursue so I
think mechanical engineering is the next step. I’ll be transferring to the University of Maryland College Park and I’ll be completing my
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and I plan to continue on a doctorate
program right after. I’m planning to transfer to University of Maryland School of Nursing. I hope there I’ll finish my education and
pursue my bachelor’s degree. Then after that after a little work experience I hope I will
join either the medical field or continue in the become a nurse anesthetist. After
Montgomery College I will be attending American University I decided to fuse my
business interests and my mathematical interests and fuse it into a degree called math
and economics and hopefully after my undergrad to go hope to study financial
engineering at some Ivy League school hopefully Columbia but it all started at MC and I’m really proud of that.